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5 Tips for a Family Fire Escape Plan

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Children should be taught how to stay low to avoid breathing in any smoke fumes

Five Tips For Creating Your Emergency Plan

Many families create a fire escape plan for their East Naples, FL, home which include measures for kids safety as well. Making sure the whole family understands how the plan works, and practicing it together can help protect them in the event of a fire. Here are five tips for creating your emergency plan.

1. Stay Low

It may be tempting to just run out of the house during a home fire, but children should be taught how to stay low to avoid breathing in any smoke fumes. Teach them how to crawl under the smoke to find their way out of the house.

2. Test Doors

Teach children to safely test a door with the back of their hands for heat before opening one. They should only open doors that are cool and close it behind them once they are safely through.

3. Leave Belongings Behind

An important step for kids' safety is to teach them to leave belongings behind. Trying to take an item with them could slow down their escape. You can reassure your children that a fire damage restoration service should be able to restore any favorite items back to pre-fire condition once everyone is safe and the fire is out.

4. Assign Pet Handlers

Assign an adult to take care of a pet during an emergency. This way everyone knows the pet will be taken care of and unnecessary delays can be avoided during escape.

5. Meet Up Outside

It’s important for a fire escape to have a meetup location. It should be safely outside of the home in an easy to recognize location. Everyone in the family should know to meet the others here and to let the emergency personnel know if anyone is missing.

Taking kid's safety into account when creating an emergency plan is important as every member of the family should understand what to do during an emergency. After the fire is out a professional can help with cleanup and repairs.

Essential Elements of the Fire Cleanup Process

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

Fire loss in Barefoot Beach, FL

Fire crews work tirelessly to put out blazes. As a homeowner, you can't bear to imagine your home ever going up in flames. However, you're thankful for the efforts of firefighters to try to spare your home. Afterward, there's a lot of work to do to clean up the smoke damage and salvage materials. You can't possibly handle this task alone. Professional fire restoration companies are in business to add their expertise and help get you on your feet again.

What the Pros Offer

When you enlist the services of a professional disaster cleanup team, you can get an almost immediate response. Technicians can arrive at your Barefoot Beach, FL, home within a few hours of your call to begin smoke cleaning and other efforts. The pros also provide:

  • Experience cleaning up after residential fires.
  • The most advanced tools and equipment.
  • A thorough process to clean and restore your home.

The Evaluation

Cleanup teams will first examine the extent of the smoke damage and other problems in your house. The team will make a plan and set a timeline. Technicians will share this information with you. The company will also work with your insurance provider as you start the claims process.

Securing the Home

Crews will then immediately board up windows and other gaps and openings in the home. Tarps will go over the roof as well. These measures protect your property and provide a measure of security.


Firefighters will put down a lot of water to put out the fire. Cleanup teams will first extract all water before moving on to taking care of soot damage. Technicians will use dehumidifiers to move out the smoke and ash from all surfaces.


The team will then clean and sanitize any materials that suffered fire and smoke damage. These include electronics, clothing, furniture, documents, and carpet.
Smoke damage can be significant after a fire. Still, you can have comfort to know that the pros have an effective cleanup and restoration process.

Need to Know Basis of Fire Damage Restoration

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

After there has been a fire, it's important to work diligently to get the building back in order.

What You Need to Know About Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is a time-consuming process. Those who have had a fire in a home or a fire in a business need to know about the fire cleanup process so that all fire damage can be addressed quickly and effectively.

There's a Lot to Clean Up

There is a lot of fire cleanup following a fire in a business or a fire in a home. Much of this has to do with putting the fire out. There might also be a mess as a result of the smoke damage and soot damage.

Part of the fire cleanup will help with the smoke smell. The rest of the smoke smell will go away once the fire damage restoration process is complete.

How the fire was put out after a fire in a home or a fire in a business will also dictate the kind of fire cleanup that needs to happen. There might be excess water, powder, or chemicals that have to be cleaned up because of how the fire was extinguished.

Damage Comes in Various Shapes & Sizes

The fire damage might be limited to one area or it might take place across the entire premises. After a fire in a home or a fire in a business, a restoration company will be able to come out and determine what kind of damage is present.

There might be smoke damage throughout as well as soot damage in areas where there the majority of the flames were. Either way, all of the fire damage will have to be addressed so that a home or business can resume normalcy once again.

It Takes Time to Restore a Home or Business

The level of smoke damage, soot damage, and overall fire damage will determine how long it takes to complete the fire damage restoration process. this is not something that will happen overnight. It might be necessary to repair structures, replace materials, and remodel.

The board up process will ensure that the building is secure. A board up is the first step, even before assessing any commercial fire damage. Once the residential or commercial fire damage has been assessed, it's then possible to start working on the smoke smell and dealing with the restoration process.

It's Best to Work with Professionals

Homeowners and business owners don't always know how to assess residential and commercial fire damage. Although they might know to board up, that is where the expertise stops.

By calling in professionals, they will take care of all of the different details. From the moment the fire is out, the professionals will be able to make sense fo all that needs to happen. Often, this involves scheduling the cleanup, determining the restoration plan, and then putting the plan into action. It ensures that all aspects are handled promptly. From there, it's easier for owners to move back into the building without having to worry about anything.

Every Restoration Company is Different

A restoration company will be able to handle the board up, the fire damage restoration, and everything else. It's best to compare a few companies to see all of what they can do. Some companies are limited to rebuilding and remodeling while others have the expertise to deal with the smoke smell, soot damage, and more.

Regardless of the amount of residential or commercial fire damage, a restoration company should be called in to assist with the smoke damage and other forms of damage to the building.

Why You Should Use A Professional Fire Restoration Service

2/6/2020 (Permalink)

Only a professional fire damage restoration team can adequately restore a structure to its original state.

Why You Should Use A Professional Fire Restoration Service

In the aftermath of a fire, the owner is often left with abundant fire damage that will require extensive fire cleanup activities. Whether it is a fire in home or business, the only way to eliminate the fire damage is to work with a professional fire damage restoration service.

Types of Fire Damage

A fire can cause a large amount of damage, much of it invisible to the property owner. For this reason, amateur fire cleanup attempts are usually unsuccessful and can sometimes do more damage to the property. Common forms of fire and soot damage include the following:

-Water damage from firefighting activity.
-Soot damage to walls, carpets, and paintings.
-Fire damage to electrical and data cabling, which can pose a later fire hazard if it is not addressed.
-An unpleasant smoke smell from burnt wood, plastics and other materials.
-A fire in business structures may lead to the destruction of valuable records and product inventories.
-A fire in a home will produce soot and smoke damage that may harm irreplaceable heirlooms.
-Structural damage may require a detailed inspection as part of any fire damage restoration service, in order to determine if the structure is still safe for use.

In many cases, the visible damage will only be the tip of the iceberg. For example, smoke damage will often extend to the interior of the home or businesses HVAC systems, ensuring that a foul odor will remain until the ductwork is cleared of soot.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

After the fire has been dealt with, a restoration company will be called in to deal with the longer-term consequences of the fire. The restoration service will work with the property owner during this process in order to ensure that they are fully aware of the status of the property and what must be done to fully restore it.

The Immediate Clean Up

The immediate aftermath of a fire in a business or fire in a home will likely see the property still soaked with the water used to fight the fire. The fire damage restoration service will immediately work to dry out the property while removing any debris left from the fire. While this is going on, the fire cleanup service will examine the property for any other signs of damage. This can include the following activities:

-Checking for smoke damage to furniture, carpets and HVAC systems.
-Ensuring that the electrical system is safe to use.
-Surveying any damaged internal furnishings and goods. This can be especially important when evaluating commercial fire damage.
-Evaluating any structural damage done to the home or business. In some jurisdictions, such an evaluation may be required by various code enforcement agencies.

Once this process is done, the owner and the fire cleanup service can start developing a plan to completely restore the structure. Speed is essential, especially when dealing with commercial fire damage issues.

Dealing With Smoke and Soot Damage

One of the most damaging consequences of a fire can be smoke damage. Smoke and soot will adhere to most surfaces and cause severe damage to the home. Smoke and fire ash can be corrosive, leading to irreversible damage, especially to delicate items. In many cases, paintings, computers, and furniture will have to be removed and be carefully cleaned in order to prevent further smoke and soot damage.

In addition, dealing with the pervasive smoke smell a fire leaves in its wake can require extensive fire cleanup activities. This is especially true when dealing with commercial fire damage, as many businesses have large amounts of plastics or other materials can produce an especially unpleasant smoke smell.

The restoration process will include cleaning and repainting the walls, in order to seal any remaining smoke smell away. Wood surfaces may be refinished to remove any signs of damage. Most importantly, the structure’s HVAC system will be thoroughly inspected. The same ducting that brings air to bedrooms and offices alike forms a natural path for the smoke. Until the ducting is completely cleaned and restored, the structure will remain plagued by the smoke smell resulting from deposits of soot within the ducting. When dealing with a fire in a business, this restoration may require the examination of the entire HVAC system, even if the business does not occupy the entire structure.

Ultimately, only a professional fire damage restoration service can adequately restore a structure to its original state. Whether it is a fire in a home or a fire in a business, it is vital to secure the services of a professional restoration service. Even if the victim is dealing with a small house fire or a major fire that has caused a great deal of commercial fire damage. 

Home Smoke Alarms: Will Yours Protect You?

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Press the test button in your alarm monthly to ensure proper functioning

Home smoke alarms are required by building codes. This reflects how important they are to warn homeowners of a fire. The goal of a working smoke alarm is to save lives and prevent property loss from fire damage. Three out of four fire-related deaths occur in homes with missing or nonworking smoke alarms. These life-saving units depend on you to make sure they can protect you.

What Your Smoke Alarms Need From You

Your home fire prevention plan is only as good as your smoke alarms. Consider these important elements of alarm care and maintenance.

  • Writing the install date on the alarm so you will always know its age
  • Pressing the test button monthly to ensure proper functioning
  • Replacing batteries annually
  • Vacuuming the alarm exterior to clear dust and lint
  • Replacing alarm units every 10 years

Entering these tasks on your calendar can help remind you of important alarm maintenance.

How To Choose the Best Alarm

While the function of a smoke alarm is to detect smoke, it is not the same as a smoke detector, which detects but does not sound a warning. For home use, you are looking for smoke alarms, not detectors.

Newer homes are required to have interconnected smoke alarms, so if a basement alarm detects smoke, they will all sound. This is essential for larger homes. If your system is not interconnected, wireless models can achieve the same results. They are more expensive but cheaper than rewiring the electrical. Your local fire restoration specialist can help you evaluate your Pelican Bay, FL, location and choose the optimal alarm.

The other important factor when purchasing an alarm is the battery type. Traditional models have removable batteries that need regular replacing. Newer models include a permanent 10-year battery that lasts the life of the unit. If you procrastinate about home maintenance, this may be the safest choice for you.

Your smoke alarms are the most effective tool available for early fire detection. Working alarms can alert you while there is still time to evacuate. Prioritizing smoke alarm care and maintenance could mean the difference between a little smoke damage and major property destruction.

Avoid These Four Common Causes of House Fires

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Candles might look and smell nice, but they can lead to a fire if not used correctly

Four Common Causes of House Fires

Experiencing a home fire is the last thing any homeowner wants to experience, but the presence of so many fire hazards in most houses leaves little room for error. While some fire causes might seem unavoidable, many of the homes addressed by a fire cleaning and restoration company are affected by preventable reasons. It is essential you are proactive and intentional in preventing a fire from starting in your home in Barefoot Beach, FL. A great place to start is by avoiding these four common causes house fires.

1. Cooking Fires

Whether caused by leaving cooking unattended, cooking while fatigued, or broken appliances, the kitchen is a common place for fires to start. Cooking with lots of oil can also lead to problematic grease fires that can be difficult to put out. It is important to always read the instructions when heating food and to keep flammable objects far away from the stove or oven when turned on.

2. Smoking Indoors

Lighting a cigarette indoors, especially in a bedroom, is a quick way to cause a home fire. Many belongings and furniture are flammable, which can be dangerous if butts aren't put out correctly or not placed in an ashtray.

3. Heating Appliances

Both portable heaters and home furnaces are major fire causes that can be prevented with proper use and maintenance. Heaters should never be placed in close proximity to flammable objects or used around pets and children. Make sure to get your furnace inspected yearly and quickly address any issues.

4. Candles

Candles might look and smell nice, but they can lead to a fire if not used correctly. Keep candles away from cats and young children, never leave lit candles unattended, and keep candles far away from curtains, carpet, and other flammable materials.
Being vigilant in removing potential fire hazards from your home and always being aware of your surroundings is the first step in keeping your house and family safe from a home fire. Start with these four common house fire causes.

Take Care of Fire Mitigation and Restoration at the Same Time

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO mitigation and restoration company

In Pine Ridge, FL, there is always the outside possibility of fire damage affecting any property. The important thing is to be prepared. While many people are familiar with water mitigation practices, many do not realize that fire mitigation is a real and useful precaution as well. Additionally, it may be helpful to use the same company for both mitigation and fire restoration.

There are Two Primary Benefits of This Strategy:

• Save time
• Reduce mistakes

It can feel like a devastating thing to have your business affected by fire, but choosing the right fire restoration and mitigation company can make it “Like it never even happened."

Saving Time and Effort

If your company is at risk of fire damage, you are going to have a lot on your mind. Besides protecting your business, you probably also have to consider the well-being of your employees and the impact a fire could have on their families as well as yours. Having a single company take care of both restoration and mitigation is a simple way to save time and effort, so you can focus on what really matters. They can come in and take care of preparations for the fire, and then you are less likely to need to worry about finding a restoration company afterwards.

As long as you are saving time by using the same company for both restoration and mitigation, you might as well choose a company that can work with your insurance adjuster to save even more time.

Reducing the Number of Mistakes

It is a simple fact that working with fewer companies results in fewer mistakes. Having to coordinate multiple partners is a handful, and it often results in the companies each assuming the other will take care of a particular task. With one company, they are responsible to take care of everything.

Make your life simpler when there's risk of fire damage. Use the same company for both mitigation and restoration.

How To Do a Home Fire Drill

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Practice evacuation tactics in your East Naples, FL home

4 Steps You Can Take to Develop a Fire Escape Plan

Most public buildings have regular fire drills, but it is easy to overlook the need for similar drills at home in East Naples, FL. Here are four steps you can take to develop a fire escape plan for all occupants and teach kids safety measures to take in the event of a home fire.

1. Identify Escape Routes

Start preparing a plan by identifying two potential paths out of every room in a house and toward external doors. You can use an accurate floorplan, but it is also important for every occupant of a residence to attempt both the primary and secondary evacuation routes.

2. Practice Evacuation Tactics

In addition to practicing escape routes, a fire drill should also include safe fire escape tactics. These include bed rolls upon hearing a smoke alarm to minimize smoke exposure. Parents should also provide kids safety training on fire crawls, including crawling with flat forearms or flat legs. It is also important test doors for heat before touching knobs or risking a fire surge.

3. Gather Important Materials

Gather important materials including homeowners or other insurance documents and medical records for every resident, including pets. These materials can be kept in a fire-safe box in a designated location near an external door.

4. Select a Safe Meetup Location

Every occupant of a household should know where to go immediately after fleeing a fire. Drills should involve gathering at a location that is a safe distance away and unlikely to be downwind.

After taking these measures, every member of a household should be better prepared for a fire. Adults should teach kids safety skills. If a home fire damages your residence in East Naples, FL, you should arrange for a consultation with damage mitigation and restoration specialists. Certified experts can restore the condition of your home in a matter of days or weeks, depending on damage.

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During a Home Fire

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire in North Naples House

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During a Home Fire

A home fire can be a traumatizing experience for any family in North Naples, FL. In addition to causing potentially significant fire damage, blazes can also jeopardize the wellbeing of everyone inside the house. Because of this, ensuring your kids’ safety is extremely important.

To help facilitate your children’s safe evacuation, you should provide several key instructions.

1. Fire Escape Plan

Your children should understand that fires are dangerous and that a quick evacuation is essential. To facilitate this goal, you should develop and practice an efficient fire escape plan. Your proposed strategy should outline exit routes and establish a meet up spot outside and away from the house. Seeking help from a trusted neighbor may also be part of your plan.

2. Alternative Escape Routes

Because flames and smoke may block a preferred exit, it’s important for everyone residing in the house to recognize alternative escape routes, such as the garage and windows. To promote kids’ safety and prepare for a potential emergency, you should help your children identify every available exit and practice unlocking and opening windows and doors.

3. Feeling for Heat

Feeling closed doors for heat is another important fire safety practice. Teach your children to avoid opening any doors that feel warm to the touch.

4. Limiting Smoke Exposure

Excessive smoke exposure can be harmful. To alleviate this problem, instruct your children to stay as low to the ground as possible and demonstrate useful crawling techniques.

5. Stop, Drop and Roll

Your kids also need to know how to respond if their clothing catches on fire. To help them understand how to calmly react to this situation, teach them to stop, drop to the ground and commence rolling to smother the flames.

Although it may be a scary topic, it’s important for parents to educate their children about fire safety and make appropriate preparations. In the event of a home fire, a well-devised evacuation plan can protect every kid’s safety and wellbeing.

Fire Recovery: 4 Household Staples To Discard

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Contact a fire damage restoration company in East Naples, FL

Fire Recovery: 4 Household Staples To Discard

While many items may be obvious to throw away after a fire, like open containers and scorched materials, some items are less apparent, like sealed food items. Unfortunately, depending on proximity to the fire and heat, many items may have been exposed to toxic fumes or other harmful elements, like bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to know the four household staples you should discard after a fire.

1. Nonperishable Food

If nonperishable food has been exposed to high heat, it will likely need to be discarded. The increased temperature can cause food to spoil, bacteria to develop, and may lead to changes in taste. Additionally, noxious fumes may be able to permeate sealed jars and cans, even those made of glass and aluminum.

2. Perishable Food

The consensus is to throw away perishable food that has been left at room temperature for an extended period. This is no different in a fire; however, if a fridge is damaged or it was near the heat, then the food inside may be spoiled. If you see soot within the refrigerator, the freezer no longer feels cold, or the food was above 40 degrees for over two hours, then you should discard everything.

3. Medicine and Cosmetics

Check your makeup bag and medicine cabinet for any signs of fire damage: warping, soot, fire extinguisher dust, etc. If you notice any charring or other signs of damage, throw the items out. You can always buy more makeup and most physicians, if not all, will refill prescriptions lost in a fire.

4. Clothing and Other Materials

As with makeup and medicine, it is a good idea to discard clothing and other materials that have visible and irreparable damage. However, you may be able to salvage clothing by seeking the assistance of a fire remediation specialist in the East Naples, FL, area. While these individuals and companies may not offer cleaning services, they may facilitate cleanings through other contractors.

The general practice is to throw away items that may pose a health risk to you and your family. If you are unsure of anything, then ask. Don’t risk your health for any reason.

Tips on How to Handle Fire Loss

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Whether commercial fire damage or fire in home, the loss is equally devastating. Fire in home may be caused by numerous unexpected events such as electricity fault or anomalies in your home electrical connections. Gas leaks or heating materials and other fuel energy appliances may also cause a fire in home. Likewise, fire in business premises may result from electricity fault or explosion of fuel-energy run machines such as generators.

How do you handle the devastating fire loss in the event of a fire in business or your home or even a commercial fire damage?

Here are the few necessary steps on what to do when you experience a fire in home or a fire in business.

Do not Rush into the Building

Sometimes the fire may tone down, and you think that the rage is over. Whenever there is a fire in business building or home premises, don't rush into the premise, however safe it may seem to be until a fire professional directs you to do so. Sometimes your mind may be obsessed with checking if your important credentials are safe. Please DON'T dare enter the building lest the poor air quality and smoke suffocate you. Rushing won't prevent fire damage. Engage the appropriate authorities to determine the extent of soot damage and smoke damage. More so, in the event of commercial fire damage.

Getting Rid of Offensive Microwave Odors

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

If you are like most residents of Pelican Bay, FL, you use your microwave every day. As you probably know, though, dirty microwaves can make your food taste terrible. You don’t have to put up with a smoke smell or other unpleasant odors. In fact, there are a variety of ways to effectively clean one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. Here are four of them.

1. Grab Some Vinegar

Harsh chemicals are often problematic. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on them. Professional chefs have used vinegar to clean microwaves for years. Microwaving a solution that includes water and a tablespoon of white vinegar usually loosens cooked-on food.

2. Cut a Lemon

Like vinegar, lemon juice is an effective way of removing a smoke smell. Simply cut a lemon in half, and place both sides inside your appliance with a tablespoon of water. Then, microwave the lemon for five minutes to remove odors and food particles. A quick wipe down completes the cleaning process.

3. Use Some Dish Soap

Dish soap doesn’t only clean your silverware, plates and bowls. It is also a good cleaner for microwaves. After using steam to loosen baked-on food, wipe the appliance’s insides with a mild dish soap to banish grease. Be careful to thoroughly rinse all surfaces, though, as residue can adversely affect the taste of cooked food.

4. Find a Restoration Service

Microwaves can be expensive. If your high-end appliance’s contamination is the result of a kitchen fire or other home disaster, you may need to rely on a professional restoration service in Pelican Bay, FL, to completely remove unwanted odors.
With a bit of effort, you can likely get rid of the offensive smoke smell coming from the microwaves in your home. While routine cleaning is important, even disastrous microwaves are usually salvageable. By focusing on both the appliance and its vent grill, you know you are cooking in an odor-free appliance.

3 Steps for Cleaning Your Commercial Building After a Fire

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in East Naples, FL

When fire damages your East Naples, FL, business, it can be difficult to know where to begin with cleanup efforts. From smoke damage to flooding left behind by the firefighters’ hoses, you may be facing more than one problem. However, there are a few steps you can take that may help your company recover as quickly as possible.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your business insurance provider and let them know a fire has damaged your building. Take photos of soot damage and send them in as soon as possible so your representative can get the claim filed quickly. Try to leave rooms as they are until you are certain the photos have been received.

2. Call Your Restoration Service

Once your insurance claim is filed, contact your fire damage and restoration service and discuss what kind of cleaning services you might need. The company’s restoration technicians will likely come out to inspect the building for themselves. If smoke damage is evident, they may create a restoration plan to discuss with you before the actual work begins. It may help if you have a list of questions prepared, as this can keep you and your restoration techs on the same page when it comes to the cleanup process.

3. Create a Cleanup Priority Plan

If you want to get certain systems up and running as soon as possible, work with the cleaning crew and let them know which areas you would like worked on first. For example, if you own a restaurant and the kitchen requires smoke cleaning, ask your restoration team to focus on that area before they move onto the dining room so you can ensure your food storage area is sanitized and safe before you replace any contaminated or ruined food stores.

When a fire ravages your East Naples, FL, business, the cleanup process can be stressful. However, knowing which steps to take, from assessing smoke damage to working closely with your restoration service, can help you feel more confident about the outcome.

3 Ways To Remove Lint From a Dryer

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Properly cleaning the lint filter before every use is key to an effective drying cycle. However, there are other spaces within the dryer that can accumulate lint, increasing the risk of a dryer fire with every passing use. To minimize the risk of a lint fire, utilize these three methods for removal:

1. Clean the Lint Screen

A thorough cleaning of the filter every few weeks can minimize the amount of lint and debris that makes its way further into the machine, thus minimizing the chance of a lint fire. Beyond the daily practice of removing lint by hand, use a vacuum brush attachment to clear the filter of dust and particles. After excessive lint has been removed, run the screen under water, adding soap if it is particularly dusty. Finally, before reinserting the screen, vacuum out the lint trap area.

2. Deep Clean the Vents

Unplug your machine and remove the exhaust hose by loosening the outward o-ring clamp on either side. You may or may not require a screwdriver to accomplish this, regardless, ensure you apply gentle pressure equally to both sides to make reattachment easy. Once the hose is removed, vacuum it clean of all lint and attach it back to the dryer in the same gentle manner you removed it.

3. Deep Clean the Interior

Every six months your dryer should receive an interior cleaning, or sooner if you are noticing exceptional heat or clothes that are still damp after a cycle. Ensure your machine is unplugged, and then unscrew the back panel. Wipe off and vacuum all exposed areas, paying special attention to the exhaust vent. Once the interior is clean, slide and screw the back panel into place. A quick dry cycle can confirm everything is operating as normal.

Alongside your contact information for dryer maintenance in Naples, FL should be a fire restoration number. The fire damage caused by a lint fire can be devastating; minimize your risk with regular and thorough cleaning. Visit for more information on fire damage

Getting Cleanup Help from the Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

6/23/2018 (Permalink)

Home with fire damage on the outside in Naples

Soon after the fire in home or fire in business has been extinguished, a call to the fire loss restoration team should be the next course of action. Every hour that passes, fire damage, soot damage, smoke damage, and poor air quality issues can be getting worse. Whether commercial fire damage or fire loss in the house, the sooner that you call in the help of the fire cleanup professionals, the sooner you can put this unfortunate situation behind you.

The fire cleanup team has emergency hours and are available to help with fire loss restoration 24 hours a day. Whether fire in home or fire in business, the fire loss restoration team will arrive on site to carefully inspect the entire location and check for soot damage, smoke damage, fire damage, and any air quality concerns. To make sure fire damage issues have not spread, the fire loss restoration team will carefully test adjoining rooms and determine the full extent of the fire damage.

The next step that the fire cleanup team will employ is developing a plan of action for the fire loss in your location.

In the event of serious fire damage, the fire loss restoration team is equipped to board-up windows and doors to keep the location secure. If there is significant damage to the roof, a tarp will be installed by the fire cleanup team to prevent further fire damage and keep the location secure.

In the event of commercial fire damage, the fire in home or fire in business restoration team will take extra precautions to secure the location in a timely manner. With commercial fire damage, the location could be over a city block long, so assessing the soot damage, smoke damage, and fire damage comes first. Then the commercial fire damage team will secure the location so valuable equipment is safe. Next, the commercial fire damage team will check the air quality, making sure it is safe before employees are allowed back in the building. Air quality issues can affect unsuspecting workers, so the fire cleanup team need to utilize special equipment to handle this issue.

The fire in home or fire in business restoration team will focus their efforts on water removal next. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of fire cleanup is getting water out before it can cause more damage or lead to mold growth. The team will begin the water removal process immediately and make certain to remove the majority of the water before it is allowed to get to other locations. The fire loss restoration team will make use of dehumidifiers or industrial air movers to make sure that the remaining water is gone so they can complete the drying process.

The fire in home or fire in business restoration team will focus on the removal of damage from soot damage and smoke damage. This will help to slightly improve air quality issues. The soot damage and smoke damage will be scrubbed clean and sanitized from the floors, walls, and ceilings, and everything in between. Visit for more information on fire damage.

What To Do When You Smell Natural Gas

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call after fire damage.

A gas fire or gas explosion runs the risk of destroying property and poses a threat of serious injury. If you smell natural gas, there are five steps that you should take to promote your own safety and that of other people or pets in your home and the surrounding area.

1. Check stoves and gas appliances. If you smell gas, you should make sure that all of the burners on a gas stove and the oven are turned off. Listen for hissing noises around other gas appliances.

2. Keep the lights off. If a large amount of gas is present in your home, turning on a light or powering on an electrical appliance may cause a spark that starts a gas fire or explosion. You may use a battery-operated flashlight when inspecting appliances and potential sources for a leak.

3. Shut off the gas meter. If you cannot stop the source of a gas leak in your home, you can shut off your gas meter by turning the main valve from on to off.

4. Ventilate the interior. Open all of the doors and windows of your home and use fans, if you have them, to remove gases from the interior. This will reduce the risk of explosion, fire, or prolonged exposure.

5. Evacuate and call emergency numbers. Leave your home and call 911 and your gas company to report a leak from a safe distance away, at least across the street.

A leak can cause a gas explosion if a spark is created by electrical equipment in your residence. For this reason, you should have a plan for what to do in the event of a leak and proceed as cautiously as possible. If you do experience a gas fire, you should have residential damage restoration experts in Naples, FL assess the damage and develop a remediation plan. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Helpful Puff Back Prevention Tips

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Puff back

Helpful Puff Back Prevention Tips

A puff back is a lot like a small explosion. It’s usually confined to the furnace or boiler you’re using to heat your home, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to cause some serious problems for you inside the house. When a situation like this occurs, soot often spreads out throughout the home, causing an undeniably strong smell that makes it difficult for you to breathe. It’s not a good situation for anyone in North Naples, Florida, and you’re going to want to prevent it from happening. These are three steps you should follow as precautionary measures.

1. Always clean out your system. Don’t wait too long to clean out your furnace or boiler. One of the main reasons puff back occurs is because homeowners have neglected their systems, causing dust and debris to accumulate. Clean both the vents and filters. Schedule routine maintenance to keep your system in good working condition.

2. Pay attention to unusual odors. If you’re smelling oil or soot inside the home, you shouldn’t take any chances. Rather than trying to find what is causing such a smell in your home, contact heating professionals to inspect the equipment and check for any possible leaks.

3. Listen for strange noises coming from the boiler. Before the puff back happens, a boiler will often make some strange noises that sound a lot like thunder rumbling. If you’re hearing this, it’s not a good sign, and you should get help for the problem before something more serious occurs.

If you do end up with the soot in the home, a professional restoration company could assist you with eliminating the odor and properly cleaning out the place for you. However, the best way to prevent this type of problem from occurring is to follow these simple yet beneficial prevention tips in North Naples, Florida and keep you from dealing with frustration caused by puff backs.

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3 Steps To Take After a Fire

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3 Steps To Take After a Fire

A fire can be devastating for any house. One of the first things you should do as a homeowner is to contact a fire restoration service in North Naples, Florida to begin the remediation process. However, that is just the beginning. From calling your fire insurance provider to finding a good smoke cleaning service, you should carry out certain actions to get your house back to pristine condition soon.

1. Call Insurance Company

Your house should have a comprehensive insurance policy in place that covers fire damage. You can expect to receive phone calls from other agents offering you a great deal, but you should be wary of such calls. The only person you need to talk to is your insurance agent. It is also good to provide the fire restoration company you hire with your insurance information so that they can work directly with your provider.

2. Salvage Without Touching Anything Too Damaged

You want to leave things as they are for the most part or else your insurance provider may not cover as much. However, when it is safe to re-enter the building, you may be able to go inside and salvage equipment, photos and documents to prevent soot from damaging them. However, if something is clearly damaged, then let it be. Leave these items to professional restorers who may be able to salvage your property.

3. Board up the Building

Another way an insurance company can avoid paying out your fire insurance policy is if you fail to take certain actions to protect your building in North Naples, Florida from additional damage. For example, if you do not board up the building and tarp certain areas, then your building may suffer from vandalism or theft. Your insurance company may pay for smoke cleaning but not those acts. It is also a good idea to shut off the main water valve and put up a safety fence to assist the fire restoration team. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Life After Fire Damage

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Life After Fire Damage

In the unfortunate event of a fire in home or fire in business premises, you might find it challenging to perform the process of home restoration. Restoring your home or premises can be stressful, time intensive, and hazardous. As a property owner, you might employ the services of a restoration company to restore your fire-damaged property. How extensively damaged you property is determines the complexity and duration of the damage restoration process. Significant damage may require a longer duration of time whereas minor fire damage may only take a day to complete. Contracting a restoration company is essential as fire cleanup experts simplify the restoration process. This ensures that your home or business is restored to a good and reusable condition. Read on to find out what the process of fire restoration entails.

#1 Emergency Contact

A reputable damage restoration company provides emergency response services. As such, they can respond quickly to your alarm providing fast relief to the property you own. Given this factor, it is important that you look for a restoration company that is professional and responds quickly to help you address damages of fire in home or fire in business. However, why do you need fire damage restoration services? In the event of a fire in home or fire in business, it is the prerogative of the fire department or a restoration company to help with fire damage. Also, fire damage restoration can minimize the extent of harm to your property. Always have emergency contacts of your fire department and a fire repair company at hand.

# 2 Fire Damage Assessments

Initially, a fire damage restoration agency will assess the extent of harm caused by a fire in your premises. Typically, this step involves fire cleanup experts evaluating the extent of fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, the presence of smoke smell, furniture, and wall damage inspection. Damage assessment is necessary as only through it can fire cleanup experts formulate a proper restoration strategy. After damage assessment, you should expect to receive a quote if what it is going to cost you to restore you home from the effects of soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. A board up may be necessary when conducting a damage assessment of fire in home or fire in business premises.

# 3 Fire Tarping and Sealing Services

An essential activity of the restoration process is minimizing the effects of damage on your property. For example, the repair company may begin by restoring holes burned in your roof or walls. Similarly, commercial fire damage restoration usually integrates water damage restoration. Fire tarping and sealing services are crucial in the commercial fire damage process especially when dealing with busted plumbing. Your contracted company will act quickly to rectify leaks in plumbing because of commercial fire damage.

# 4 Cleaning

During the restoration, fire cleanup experts begin by cleaning up any smoke damage, fire damage, soot damage, and eliminating smoke smell. Due to commercial fire damage, your property may appear charred, dark, and stained. As a result, an initial activity of the company is to clean the damage restoring the property to its original condition or state. In this stage, the fire cleanup crew uses submersible pumps to clear any standing pools of water as well as board up, sanitizing, and drying any wet surfaces.

Water damage poses significant health hazards. For that reason, sanitization is necessary. During this stage, the company devotes particular attention to eliminating the presence of smoke smell and commercial fire damage from your property by performing a board up. Activities involved in this process include surface re-carpeting encompassing adjacent rooms as well as those directly affected by the fire to eliminate the traces of smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage. Also, the restoration process includes the disposal and removal of severely damaged items such as damaged carpets or unrepairable furniture. Typically, the best approach is to throw these things away and purchase replacements.

# 5 Renovations and Repairs

This stage involves the restoration or repair of damaged furniture, walls, carpets, wallpaper, and property repainting. With an excellent commercial fire damage agency, you get not only repair services but also property renovation services. Sometimes the restoring company may recommend a board up of your property while restoration and improvements are ongoing. Most of these businesses can capably repair your property leaving it better than it was initially. As a boon, the fire restoration process can be an opportunity to redesign your property.
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Steps to Removing Smoke Odors After a Fire

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Steps to Removing Smoke Odors After a Fire

Whether it's a fire in home or fire in business situation, the smoke smell left behind can linger for days and even weeks. That odor can penetrate deep into your nasal tissues and make it hard for you to catch your breath. Those odors can even bring back bad memories of that fire. To get rid of the smoke smell, you need to opt for fire damage restoration and hire professionals to help you with the fire cleanup after a fire in home or fire in business.

Remove Items for Cleaning

One of the first things that fire cleanup professionals will do is remove any items from the room or home that need cleaning. This can include mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture and even your kids' stuffed animals. If there is anything in the space not suffering from soot damage or smoke damage, professionals can safely store those things for you.

Removing Soot Damage

Soot damage is a type of residential or commercial fire damage that the fire left behind. This thick soot can look like dark streaks on the walls or floors and completely coat surfaces with a thick layer of black soot. Removing this type of fire damage often requires extensive cleaning. Fire damage professionals will do a thorough inspection to ensure that home is safe and habitable before doing any soot damage cleanup.

Fire in Home Evaluation

Part of the fire damage restoration process involves a deep evaluation of the home. Fire cleanup professionals will take the time to identify the cause of the fire and look at the smoke damage left behind. This is an important step in the fire cleanup process because it ensures that there is not any significant damage to the structure that needs fixed before the fire cleanup can begin.

Cleaning Walls and Floors

Whether dealing with residential or commercial fire damage, these professionals will clean both the walls and the floors. The smoke smell and smoke damage caused by that fire can penetrate inside those surfaces and cause the odor to stick around long after the fire is out. Experts generally use chemicals that are safe for both pets and small children. They may also use specially made deodorizers designed for use after a fire in home or fire in business that neutralize the scents left behind.

Specially Treated Surfaces

If you ever experienced a fire in business or home before and tried to clean it up on your own, you likely found that the smell lingered for a long time. This is because you do not have access to the same tools and supplies as fire damage professionals do. The professionals you hire can treat your walls, floors and even ceilings with products that work like sealants. These products actually lock the odors and keep those scents from taking over your home or commercial property.

For Commercial Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration experts use many of the same procedures and steps when dealing with commercial fire damage. A fire can break out in a commercial building because of faulty wiring, an electronic that overheats or a sprinkler system that doesn't kick on when a fire spreads from another building. Fire cleanup professionals both evaluate and inspect the structure to look for any repairs that you need to do first before taking care of the smoke damage. Your building may need a total emptying of all the furniture, decorations, office supplies and stock that you have before cleaning begins.

The smoke smell left behind after a fire can bring up traumatic memories in your mind and make you want to spend less time at home or work. Fire damage restoration experts have all the tools and experience necessary to eliminate those odors. Once you experience any type of fire in any type of building, call a trustworthy fire damage cleanup company to help you remove soot, smoke and other types of damage.
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