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What To Do When Mold Comes Back

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Hand pointing out mold growth. Black mold is often hard to eliminate, but it isn't impossible.

Unfortunately, any home could be affected by mold long before Naples, FL, homeowners are aware that there's a problem. Situations such as a leaky roof or a weak pipe in your plumbing system could cause water to accumulate slowly, creating an ideal situation for black mold to settle in and colonize. It only takes a couple of days for mold to spread throughout your entire home.

• Mold reproduces by spreading spores.
• Spores can travel great distances.
• In the right conditions, spores develop into colonies.
• Spores produce more mold cells.

Be on the Lookout

If you've noticed mold in your home, there's a good chance you took immediate steps to counteract the problem with a thorough mold cleanup. Sadly, there's an equal possibility that the mold came back. This is because mold is a living organism. It has survival mechanisms and has adapted to withstand harsh environments. Even after you've cleaned it up once, if the right conditions still exist, new spores could settle into the area and lead to additional black mold growth.

Take Constant Prevention Steps

With the understanding that mold can never be thoroughly removed from your home, your next step is to practice prevention and ongoing maintenance. Simple DIY strategies such as cleaning with vinegar and immediately drying up water leaks can go a long way toward slowing down mold growth.

Contact a Professional Response Team

When these steps aren't enough, it is time to call in the professionals. For example, you may have consistent mold stains in your bathroom that return every time you clean them. In this case, you should hire mold remediation professionals who can get to areas behind the drywall to remove moisture or repair leaks.

Don't Give Up!

Black mold is often hard to eliminate, but it isn't impossible. When you see visible signs of mold, your first step should be to contact a professional. Before then, try to keep moisture levels low and thoroughly clean up any spilled water or leaks. Use a dehumidifier in your home, and provide plenty of ventilation. Ongoing prevention is the best protection against this home intruder.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mold Growth

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

mold on bedroom floor, dehumidifier in a bedroom Mold on bedroom floor

If you’ve discovered mold growth in your home, you may have a lot of questions you want answers to, such as where did it come from, is it dangerous and how can you get rid of it? Mold is frustrating, but it is not uncommon. If you want to know more about the fungi that has invaded your home, this post contains answers to some of the most common FAQs regarding mold.

  • What is mold?
  • Is mold dangerous?
  • Where does mold come from?
  • How can you decrease and prevent mold?

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows in both indoor and outdoor areas. Mold is one of those organisms that can thrive in typically uninhabitable environments, such as in dark places with high humidity or, in more rare instances, in extremely dry environments.

Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold growth is dangerous in that it can eat away at your home’s foundation and structure and, over time, render it uninhabitable. If you do not deal with water damage and resulting mold in a timely fashion, your floorboards may become week, your ceiling may start to sag and your drywall may begin to crumble. These are all hazards that could pose a threat to your safety and well-being.

Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold typically thrives in dark, damp environments, but it has been known to flourish in dry environments as well. If you suspect that there is mold in your home, begin by checking in areas in which there is high humidity, little ventilation and little natural light.

How Can You Prevent Mold?

You can prevent mold by fixing moisture problems as soon as you notice them and by working with a Pelican Bay, FL, mold remediation team. The best thing you can do to prevent fungus growth is to keep water damage at bay.

If you discover mold growth in your home, you may be feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If the problem is new, however, don’t panic, as damage is probably minimal. Do call your local remediation team for cleanup and prevention assistance.

Team Zubricki Wins Icon Bronze Award

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

a graphic with a team photo and a photo of an award Team Zubricki Wins Icon Bronze Award at 2021 SERVPRO Convention.

Team Zubricki Wins Icon Bronze Award  

This last year was one for the record books. It was perhaps the most disorienting, difficult and wild year in our country's collective memory. And like every family and every other small business spread across this great land, we took everything that came our way in stride. 

It’s true what they say, “difficult moments test people.” In 2020, we were tested, our culture, our commitments and our expertise. But over the course of this last year, we persevered to make the year count and to do what we do best, help those when they need it most.

And we are proud of that. 

This last month SERVPRO Franchises from around the country gathered in Orlando, FL for our annual convention. Conventions are always a fun time; we see old friends, hear and share restoration war-stories and spend time hearing industry updates. But there’s also a moment for congratulations and awards. This year Team Zubricki received an award for our 2020 Sales Performance and ranked in the top 15 franchises in the country. 

Yes, you did hear that correctly, Team Zubricki is a top 15 SERVPRO in the country. We are floored and excited because this is the culmination of hard work, perseverance and tenacity. 

Please celebrate with us as we revel in a job well done. We appreciate each one of you, our team members who fought hard and our friends who’ve trusted us with their emergency restoration and professional cleaning needs. 

2021 is already partly over and we are full steam ahead. 

To another great year!

How To Decide When To Call In The Pros

5/31/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on a wall Mold spores have grown and spread on an inner wood structure.

How To Decide When To Call In The Pros To Clean Up Water Damage

Water damage in your home can occur from a number of different sources ranging from outdoor flood damage, roof damage that lets in precipitation to interior causes such as a burst pipe or overflowing washer causing flood damage. Obviously, the longer water sits, the more water damage it is likely to cause. In addition, damage mitigation of water that comes from a clean interior source such as a pipe or washing machine is also easier than damage mitigation from flooding or a sewer issue. In some cases, whether it is water in your home or water in your business, you absolutely want to call in professionals to deal with the issue. However, there are some types of water damage restoration - particularly if it is water in your home - you might want to tackle on your own. For water in your business, there is the additional issue of valuable electronics, which are more susceptible to water damage and require different restoration and mitigation techniques. For water in your home, however, here is brief overview of how drying and water cleanup should occur.

1. Lift furniture

Once you have cleaned and evacuated the majority of the water, your best friends in the final stages of water cleanup, restoration and drying are air and heat. For restoration and damage mitigation in floors in particular, getting the best airflow possible means getting furniture up above the surface of the floor so as not to block the airflow. In addition, you will also want to protect the legs and lower surfaces of furniture from wicking up the water and leaving stains once it dries. Drying out carpeting and flooring is also important and lifting furniture will aid in the drying process.

2. Remove baseboards and drill large holes in the bottom of drywall

Drywall is not only dry, it also acts like a sponge, which means it will wick water high up into the walls where you can't see it because it's covered by paint. The paint also acts as a protective barrier that will keep air from being able to dry out the drywall. Drilling holes in the bottom of the drywall allows air to get inside the walls and dry out the drywall from the side that is not covered by paint. Drilling the holes in the bottom of the drywall also means they will be covered up once you replace the baseboards.

3. Spray a strong disinfectant on the walls

Mold, mildew and bacteria thrive in moist environments. To make sure that you do not have long-term mildew damage, be sure and spray any carpets and walls with a strong disinfectant or anti-bacterial spray. Also keep in mind that many insurance companies will cover flood recovery, but they will not cover mold and mildew damage, since that should have been taken care of in the initial recovery. This is something to consider when deciding whether or not to call in pros to recover from flood damage.

4. Set up industrial fans, an industrial dehumidifier and crank up the heat

While regular household fans might be enough to create a cool breeze, they are not powerful enough to create a strong enough wind current to climb up high into your walls. Heat will help water evaporate, and dry air will absorb the water as it evaporates, but you have to then remove the water from the saturated air so it will absorb more moisture, which you do with the dehumidifier. You want to keep doors and windows tightly sealed during this process, so you may want to leave the house while the heat and fans do their work.

Water in your home will create damage if left standing long enough but water in your business has the potential to create even more damage due to the presence of more electronics. For water in your business, you will most likely want to call in the pros to do the water cleanup. Even in your home, however, water cleanup from flood damage can be pricey even if you do all the work yourself.

The cost of renting industrial fans and an industrial dehumidifier might be comparable to hiring professionals to do it for you and you can be sure if you hire professionals that it is done properly and does not result in even costlier mold damage in Naples, FL.

How Does Mold Spread?

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

behind dryer, in the corner of a wall black mold growth Mold growth in a North Naples, FL home.

If you have noticed mold growth in your home in North Naples, FL, it is important to tackle the problem right away. Mold can grow quickly and once it does, it can be difficult to get rid of. Spreading mold should be taken seriously with the help of a mold remediation company. Here is what you need to know about how rapidly it can grow and what to do about it.

Understanding How Mold Grows

Mold usually grows on surfaces that offer the spores moisture and nutrients:

  • Paper
  • Dirt
  • Cloth
  • Soap scum left in the shower

Damp and warm places are a favorite for this fungus, and spores can grow quickly there. Bathrooms and kitchens are common areas for the onset of mold, including black mold. When these conditions are left to linger, you may notice an increase in growth.

Needing Professional Help
Many homeowners think they can tackle spreading mold and stop the problem without any help. However, trying to remove mold can make the problem worse, as spores spread through disturbances in the air, allowing it to reach new corners of the home. However, it does not even need vigorous cleaning to move on its own; simply walking through the area may spread it. A company that is experienced in mold removal can clean up effectively using barriers and protective measures to prevent further mold damage from occurring within your home.

Taking Your Home Back
Once you have identified possible mold damage, it's important to have professionals come in and assess the issues for you. They can find out where it started and how much of it has spread throughout the rest of the house, and quickly take action to contain and remove it.
If you have noticed spreading mold in your North Naples, FL, home, don't attempt to manage it on your own. Hiring a model remediation company can give you back your home once again.

3 Advantages of Using SERVPRO's Document Restoration Service

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

documents damaged by water Wet documents can cause devastating and costly losses.

3 Advantages of Using SERVPRO's Document Restoration Service

One of the most devastating effects of a flood or other disaster in a commercial setting is damage to — or the loss of — valuable documents, such as client files, accounting ledgers, contracts, books, photographs, blueprints, documents with original signatures, and other important papers. SERVPRO is the industry leader in water damage remediation, including document restoration. Its acclaimed document drying process features several unique elements that stand out from the competition.

1. Specialized Restoration Facility
First, water-damaged documents are transported to a secure, specialized restoration facility where they are entered into an advanced digital inventory system. Each restoration facility is managed by specially trained technicians who have received HIPAA Master certification. These secure facilities are closely always monitored and have the capacity to accommodate even large commercial recovery needs.

2. Advanced Cleaning and Drying Techniques
At the document facility, a team of experienced restoration specialists evaluate the damage to documents and then utilize state-of-the-art document restoration methods to repair the damage. SERVPRO’s inventive vacuum free-drying technique, for example, is the same method that the U.S. Library of Congress uses to restore priceless historical documents and is the only document drying technique that has been approved by the General Services Administration and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Technicians then employ an advanced gamma irradiation procedure to disinfect and deodorize documents.

3. Digital Archiving Service
One highly valuable but sometimes overlooked benefit of the restoration process is the digital archiving process. At the drying facility, each water-damaged document becomes a part of a computerized document inventory. The restored documents are also scanned into this inventory. The result is that all paper documents that enter the facility are converted into a high-quality digital format. These digital versions can then be uploaded and stored, safe from any future physical damage.
Wet documents can cause devastating and costly losses. Fortunately, SERVPRO’s document restoration professionals are always ready if disaster strikes Pine Ridge, FL.

Finding Mold in Your Air Conditioner Ducts

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Dust out from Air Duct Mold growth in air duct system

Know The Signs Of Mold

Most offices, stores and other businesses clean their carpets, bathrooms and have regular pest control. One important task that gets missed is HVAC cleaning. Since it only has to be done twice per year, it is an easy task to forget. Unfortunately, forgetting can cause mold to build inside your ducts, which reduces your HVAC system's efficiency. Since you cannot see inside your ductwork, you should know the signs of mold.

Look for Moisture
If you have moisture, chances are you have mold. You will need to look for moisture in/on your:

  • Air ducts
  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit
  • Vent covers
  • Drainage pipe

Moisture can include standing water or sweating on the surface of your unit.

Look Inside Your Vents
Although you cannot look inside your ductwork, you can look inside your vents. Start by cleaning vents and opening them as wide as possible. If you want, you can remove the vent covers entirely. Then look inside. Look for white, grey or black spots inside the vent. If you see any of these, you need an HVAC cleaning due to mold buildup.

Follow Unusual Smells
When you turn your HVAC unit on for the first time in the spring or fall, it is normal to smell burning dust. It is not normal to smell anything earthy. Mold smells similar to rotting wood or leaves. If you have an unusual smell, track down where it is coming from, and you should find the problem.

Call In the Professionals
If you are unsure whether you have mold or not, it is time to call in the professionals in your North Naples, FL. Not only can they help you find out if you have an HVAC mold problem, they can also take care of it for you.
A good HVAC cleaning is beneficial, particularly if you suspect that you have a mold problem. It also helps your system run more efficiently and prevents future issues.

Salvaging Belonging with Mold Damage

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth under rug Mold damage in Barefoot Beach, FL

When unexpected water penetrates your Barefoot Beach, FL, home, it can quickly lead to mold damage. If not caught in time, it can spread to precious belongings that may seem unsalvageable. Before tossing cherished items or figuring out how to budget to replace expensive items, know that a professional mold cleaning service may help you save more than you thought.

Professional Cleaning Methods

Seeking the help of a mold remediation and restoration expert means placing your belongings in the hands of certified experts who have to the tools and know-how to get your home back in order. Along with assessing the damage and finding potential hidden fungus lurking in the structure, they have high-tech industrial techniques to clean and sanitize sensitive items. Depending on the severity of damage and type of item, the following mold cleaning methods are used:

Dry Cleaning – Pre-cleaning and light residue removal
Wet Cleaning – Removes heavy residues
Spray and Wipe – Used when wet cleaning isn’t possible
Foam Cleaning – Cleans fabrics that may bleed
Abrasive Cleaning – Agitation method for surface cleaning
Immersion Cleaning – Items dipped in a cleaning solution bath

Along with cleaning more durable items, more sensitive possessions, such as artwork or electronics, can also be cleaned. For TVs, computers, DVD players, and similar devices, the cleaning process starts with the exterior to prevent corrosion and then is inspected and further cleaned by a technician certified to handle electronics. Photographs and documents may not always be salvageable, but a professional uses various drying techniques to restore them.

Keeping Belongings Safe
In many cases, some belongings will need to be removed from the home and taken to a safe, secure cleaning facility. Along with the confidence that many items won’t have to be tossed, the experts also keep a secure inventory of all items to be cleaned.
Mold cleaning is an extensive process, but saving your prized belongings is worth it. For many items, using a professional can help you get back to “Like it never even happened.”

5 Essential Mold Prevention Tips

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Gutter with debris Keep your gutters clean

Use These Essential Tips

Mold is one of the most feared infestations for homeowners. Where there's moisture, water damage and organic matter to snack on, mold will inevitably appear. That doesn't mean that you make the necessary precautions to keep this home invader out, however. Use these essential tips to help keep your home in Naples Park, FL, clean.

1. Control your home's humidity: Humid conditions can create an excess of moisture that attracts mold. If you notice condensation forming on your windows and walls, then your home's humidity is definitely too high.

2. Keep your home properly ventilated: Routine household activities, such as cooking and showering, can generate moisture. It's important to properly ventilate this moisture, not only to prevent mold growth, but to also avoid unwanted water damage.

3. Opt for mold-resistant products: Believe it or not, there is such thing as mold-resistant drywall and paint inhibitors. Installing these products can help you avoid a costly mold remediation session further down the road.

4. Protect your household plants: You might think your plants are there to help keep your air clean, but they aren't completely safe from mold. Overwatering your plants can result in a buildup of excessive moisture, which is an inviting place for a wayward fungus to settle down.

5. Manage your gutters: Neglecting to clean out your gutters regularly can cause water to build up and potentially leak through your roof. Prevent this issue by taking the time to routinely scoop out gunk and repair any damage as soon as you discover it.
Mold prevention is manageable when you take the time to set the proper precautions. Even so, you might still fall victim to a mold infestation. If you've experienced any type of recent water damage, it's a good idea to contact mold remediation experts to perform a thorough mold inspection. You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your property clean.

Why Your Restoration Service Looks for Secondary Damage

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Water loss after 48 hours turns into mold damage

Why Your Restoration Service Looks for Secondary Damage

After a flood at your Pine Ridge, FL, place of business, it’s possible for secondary damage such as black mold, warped wood, or rusting metal to occur. Fortunately, your local water damage restoration service is already trained to look for these types of damages. Here are a few things you may want to know about why they do this.

1. What Secondary Damage Is

This type of damage is any damage that occurs as a result of the original damage. For example, high humidity after flooding can lean to mold problems, or could cause softening and crumbling of drywall. Wood can have warping from soaking in floodwater, and metal can rust leading to compromised integrity of plumbing fastenings.

2. How It Affects the Property

There are a number of ways this can affect your business property. Any type of mold, including black mold, can feed on the organic components of the building material weakening it. Warped wood can lead to uneven flooring, and rusting metal may cause issues with areas such as plumbing leading to additional long term problems. All of this can also cause the property to lose value.

3. What a Restoration Crew Can Do

A restoration team has been trained to deal with a variety of damage types. These include the damages that may be classified as secondary. In many cases they can clean the area and begin repairs, both restoring and replacing materials as needed. With a little time that can have the business looking “Like it never even happened.”

Secondary damage can take a number of forms, including black mold. This can negatively affect the property and reduce both it’s integrity and it’s value. Fortunately, your local restoration service can help conduct clean up, repairs, cleaning, and sometimes can help with prevention as well. If you have any questions the restoration team should be able to help.

Do You Have a Mold Problem?

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

One of the more common signs of fungal growth is the development of blackish spots

Do You Have a Mold Problem?

Sometimes something just seems off. As a business owner in Pelican Bay, FL, you know your building. You understand how it works, and you can feel when the premises are different. In fact, your chances of spore growth are likely if you can answer yes to any of the following three questions below. If you do, then reach to an indoor environmental specialist for guidance in locating and eradicating the hazard.

1. Do You See Spots?
One of the more common signs of fungal growth is the development of blackish spots, signs that spores are reproducing. Using a household cleaner is a common first line of defense. However, those spots are only an external sign of an internal problem. Chances are you have a leak inside the walls. If that's the case, the spots are a signal of a serious issue that needs attention. Have the source fixed, and call in a mold restoration company to complete a mold test. These professionals can determine the extent of the infestation.

2. Is There a Strange Odor?
Not all contamination is visibly evident. In fact, sometimes one of the first signs is a musty odor, a by-product of spores breeding. In this situation, you'll need to uncover the location of the trouble. Work with an indoor environmental specialist. This expert has high tech equipment systems and can conduct a thorough investigation into the situation, pinpointing where you need to attack.

3. Have You Experienced a Flood?
Anytime water exposure increases mold growth could happen. Flooding, particularly, leaves businesses vulnerable. The deluge not only brings a dramatic increase in moisture, but the fluid also transfers high levels of microorganisms. It's the perfect storm for pollution. Those little microbes just dig on deep into anything porous. It may not be noticed at first, but you'll want a mold and water remediation crew to immediately attend to the premises. They should dry out the humidity and tear ruined materials.
If you suspect mold development, look for signs. Spots, odor, and water accumulation are primary indicators. Then, work with an indoor environmental specialist to find the extent of the invasion.

3 Ways To Eliminate a Moldy Smell

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Moldy smell in a Naples Lakes, FL property

Use The Following Three Tips To Remove Mold Odor

The signs of mold are not always so simple: It's not always a crumbling wall or the gathering of black fuzzy spots. Often, it's the subtle hint of a strange odor, a byproduct of the fungus's mycotoxin release. If your nose senses something off, you can try to take care of it. Homeowners in Naples Lakes, FL, can tackle the problem using the following three tips.

1. Have the Air Unit Cleaned

Sometimes the musty odor develops from mold growth in the air unit. All of those vents help pull in moisture from your home, keeping the place cool; however, sometimes, that humidity sticks in there, allowing microbes to grow; thus, you get a smell. Call out a service to inspect and scrub the system.

2. Purchase a Filtration System

Concerned about what you're inhaling? You can pull out the mycotoxin from the air using a HEPA air filtration device. By removing the chemical release, you decrease the funk, allowing you to breathe easier. Just be aware that this doesn't eliminate it from the source, though. Explore further to find where it's coming from.

3. Remove Contaminated Materials

While the smell is irritating, the main issue is that you have spores growing in the house. You need to find them and remove them; otherwise, the scent could only grow worse. Call a mold remediation company in Naples Lakes, FL, to assess the premises, determining the source of the trouble. A leaky pipe behind a wall could be the complication. Once it's found, tear out everything with mold on it. Allow the crew to sanitize the section and restore it to its initial condition.
It's unpleasant to get a whiff of mycotoxin, filling the house with stuffy smell. Attack it by seeking help from professionals. Work with your air conditioner company and mold team to find the growth, remove it and rebuild. Then, purchase a HEPA air filtration unit that maintains a healthy circulation for your entire family.

The Benefits of a Claims Inventory Service

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

You want a company that has the training and the resources to handle any emergency.

When a flood or fire strikes a commercial building in Naples, FL it's great to have a local company come in and clean up the mess. They will arrive on scene Faster to Any Size Disaster and have the tools to take care of the situation. In addition to holding the right training to address many forms of damage.

A SERVPRO franchise is often preferred by insurance agents and adjusters for a variety of reasons. Not only are they efficient and complete when it comes to claim services, they also do quality work and keep expenses down with a focus on fixing what is fixable and replacing or restoring what is not.

The Claims Inventory Service
While a disaster, big or small, is a chaotic situation, it pays to keep your cool during an emergency response. That's what SERVPRO professionals have been doing for over fifty years. A claims inventory service does the following:

-Keeps track of expenses
-Takes photos to document work
-Records everything on Excel worksheets
-Submits the documentation to insurance agents

By keeping an orderly process during the challenges of each situation, a professional disaster remediation team is a huge help. With meticulous records, claim services run smoothly, meaning customers get paid in a timely manner.

The Arrival of Help
Soon after SERVPRO technicians arrive on scene, an inspection and damage assessment is completed. This gives direction to the rest of the cleanup and recovery process. Most importantly, a company is given comprehensive help in a variety of areas. This of course includes claim services, but also such things as emergency preparedness tips. This enables a company to educate employees and to have items on hand that could minimize damage during a fire or flood. Part of that preparation includes having the most valuable contact information on hand. 

How To Detect Whether You Have Mold

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Determining whether you have mold doesn't have to guesswork.

Your building may be decades old, brand-new or somewhere in between: It's possible to find mold. This fungus can invade your Pine Ridge, FL office at just about any time, anywhere. Sometimes, mold grows for years without you even knowing it. The good news is that an indoor environmental specialist has the skills and experience to test your building and find this unwanted guest.

Mold Development
Mold spores are constantly floating in the air outside, but mold won't grow inside your office building unless conditions are ideal for it. The spores can come in through your office windows and doors as well as on the clothes and skin of people who come in. Mold growth will then occur when the following happens:

-There are leaky or bursting pipes
-There is other water damage from flooding or overflows
-There are areas in your office with high humidity, such as basements, laundry facilities or showers

Clues That You've Got Mold
A mold test is one of the most effective ways to detect mold in the office. However, before you do this, you can look for signs that the fungus is spreading. You can often tell through your sense of smell. Mold can have a distinct pungent odor. There may be physical effects on you and your co-workers. If people are having trouble breathing or coughing, sneezing or have itchy eyes, mold may be present.

A Professional Approach
To confirm your suspicions that you have a mold issue at work, hire an indoor environmental specialist. This professional has the right tools and methods to test areas of your office for fungal growth. If you find out there is indeed mold, you can move to the next step and call a mold removal specialist to clean it up and get your office back in order.

 In addition to inspecting your building for the fungus yourself, you can rely on the expertise of an indoor environmental specialist.

The Dangers of Mold and The Need for Mold Removal Services

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

Scientists have revealed that there are more than 1000 types mold that can breed in homes and buildings.

Scientists have revealed that there are more than 1000 types mold that can breed in homes and buildings. If you are wondering why you should be concerned about the mold situation in your home, you’d be interested to note that on average, most people spend 70 percent of their time indoors. This means that you can easily be affected by exposure from mold damage, and smelly odor. Mold in home should not be taken lightly; mold removal needs to be sought from professional companies. Mitigation and deodorization of the mold damage is much easier than letting the situation get out of control.

To appreciate the need for mold removal services or commercial mold damage expertise, you need to understand the dangers of mold. If the mold in the home is visible, then the situation is already bad. However, the tricky bit about mold in home and fungus is that in most cases it is not visible.

Mold requires a host surface to grow on. Mold and fungi may lurk in places such as kitchen cabinets, walls and on bread. In fact, the green stuff often seen on bread is a cluster of networks of mold. This type of mold is visible to the naked eye, but most of the other types are not. These “un-clustered” types are usually in the air. This means that mold, and fungus are very hard to spot. In light of this, it is important to conduct a mold inspection check. Commercial mold damage companies have specialized tools to spot the mold in home and conduct mold removal, remediation and deodorization to deal with the smelly odor.

Mold also live off humid and warm environments just like other organic matters. These places include old newspapers, window sills, bathroom walls, wall-paper, ceilings and leather jackets. The same case applies to mildew which is a type of fungus or mold. Mildew also lurks in musty basements, shower walls and other places with high moisture. Mold, mildew, and fungus find a way into homes through doors, carpets, windows and walls. Mold spores can also be carried and dispersed into the environment through pets, shoes, and clothing.

If unattended, the mold situation can bring about a smelly odor. For this, mold damage professionals conduct deodorization to musk the smell and improve the indoor air quality. 

Mold removal services include deodorization, remediation, and mitigation. Commercial mold damage companies have the equipment, technology, and expertise to conduct thorough mold removal for mold in home and mold in business.
Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Should My Mold Remediator Be Certified?

2/2/2020 (Permalink)

You want your Mold Remediation team to be certified with IICRC.

Cleaning up after a flood is expensive, so it’s natural for homeowners to look for places to cut corners. But to do so when you choose a mold remediation company, and you could pay more in the long run. That’s because not every company that says they can handle mold knows what they’re doing. Choosing a certified mold cleanup company is your best bet for avoiding sub-standard mold removal and future problems in your Pine Ridge, FL home.

Mold Removal Basics
Thriving in moist areas, lightweight mold spores find the perfect breeding ground in a damp, post-flood home. Because it’s nearly impossible to ever get rid of all spores, mold specialists focus on resetting mold levels to a point where the spores aren’t likely to reproduce. Steps include:

Inspecting your property
Removing visible mold
Repairing moisture problems
Filtering and deodorizing air

Just about any business can claim to know how to follow those steps. But there are a select few that can do it well or safely. The result of incomplete removal can be a mold that comes right back.

What is Mold Certification?
To help consumers make better choices, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has created a standard for certified mold remediation. It certifies companies who have met exacting standards involving ethics, technical knowledge, procedures and more.

Why It Matters
The mold certification is more than just a fringe benefit. Working with a mold remover means dealing with a business that feels compelled to do its best to maintain certification. The certification vouches for the technician’s know-how and can even make your insurance carrier more likely to cover mold removal costs.

Mold removal done right can mean a quick return to your pre-flood lifestyle. But mold cleanup done wrong can result in a problem that returns again and again. Avoid the frustration of returning mold by choosing a company that specializes in certified mold remediation.

Fire Safety in the Home

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

You can protect your home and your family by learning to use a fire extinguisher correctly.

The kitchen fire is one of the most common to occur in the home. In fact, according to one safety site, home fires occur in the following order:

Living room
Laundry room
Outside of the home

Residential fires are very common throughout the United States, and every year, there are hundreds of thousands of house fires. Fortunately, you can protect your home and your family by learning to use a fire extinguisher correctly.

Keep Extinguishers Handy
Nearly half of all residential fires are caused by cooking or by leaving a stove or oven unattended. Make sure a fire extinguisher is located within reach in the kitchen and other rooms of the home. Other places to install extinguishers include any rooms with heating or electrical equipment, open flames, or appliances.

Determine Whether It's Safe
If the fire is already too large to handle on your own, the best option is to evacuate. For example, if the fire is between you and the extinguisher, don't try to battle the flames alone.


Once you've made sure your safe evacuation path is clear, and you know the fire department is on the way, you can use the P.A.S.S technique to put out the flames:

P is for Pull: Pull the pin near the top of the device.
A is for Aim: Point the nozzle toward the base of the flames.
S is for Squeeze: Hold the handle tightly to release the extinguishing chemicals.
S is for Sweep: Use a side-to-side motion across the base of the fire.

Don't approach the fire once the flames are out because it could flame up again. If you aren't sure that you can safely extinguish the fire, evacuate the home.

Repair and Recover
After the firefighters have determined that it's safe for you to return to your home, it's time to call in professional fire damage cleanup technicians. While you're shopping for a replacement fire extinguisher, these professionals can address the fire, water, and smoke damage throughout your Pelican Marsh, FL home.

IICRC Certification – Setting the Restoration Industry Standard

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With superior experience and consistent education, the specialists that are certified by the IICRC offer three benefits over other companies.

The cleaning, restoration, and mitigation industry has an education and accreditation process called the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. It is a third-party agency that sets national standards for the entire industry. When insurance agents in North Naples, FL choose a certified cleaning and mitigation technician for their preferred vendor's list, they know the next time their clients need help after a commercial property disaster that the services on their list are the best teams available. With superior experience and consistent education, the specialists that are certified by the IICRC offer three benefits over other companies.

1. Continuous Education

Once an individual earns their certification, their training doesn’t stop. Instead, the trained technicians continue taking classes to maintain and update their mitigation certificate. The classes can include updated equipment, new safety protocols, or the latest in restoration procedures. Working within the federal government’s dangerous material standards, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification can make sure the technician’s abilities are kept on the cutting edge of the industry.

2. Industry Standards

Insurance companies know when they choose a mitigation and restoration specialist trained by a trade approved program that they can hold that individual to the highest of the industry’s standards. To earn a certificate from the IICRC, each person must take classes in water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire restoration, just to name a few. To be able to complete a full restoration job, the Institute knows a graduate must have training in a variety of areas.

3. Superior Safety

The national standards for safety are held high by the graduates of the program. Working frequently with potentially hazardous materials helps keep them on their toes, but their continual, specialized training helps keep them safe.

IICRC certification is an important part of the cleaning, restoration, and mitigation industry. Keeping those technicians on your preferred vendor’s list can make sure you employ individuals with the highest standards available.

3 Reasons To Use SERVPRO’s Claims Information Center

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3 Reasons To Use SERVPRO’s Claims Information Center

When you are working on processing an insurance claim for a client’s Naples Park, FL, home, you will have quite a bit of information to deal with. Using the Claims Information Center to help keep track of everything will allow you to do your job more efficiently. Here are a few ways that it can make your work a bit easier.

1. Everything You Need Is in One Place

The SERVPRO Claims Information Center allows you to keep all of the information you need in one easily accessible location. This will allow you to find what you are looking for more quickly. You can spend the time that you would have used looking through stacks of papers on helping your client and moving through the claims process faster.

2. You Can Access It Whenever You Want

Processing an insurance claim can take a lot of time, so you don’t want to waste any waiting around for access to important information. With this electronic claims service, you can access the documents you need at any time, allowing you to continue your work right away.

3. Accurate Information Helps You Make the Best Decisions

Deciding how to move forward with a claim requires you to have the most accurate information. As the insurance agent, you want to make the best choices for both the client and the insurance agency. With the Claims Information Center, you have access to a complete electronic job file that includes photos of damaged items, a detailed estimate of repair costs and scanned paperwork and forms. With this information, you can be sure you are making the right decisions.

Using a damage restoration company with an electronic claims service can make it easier for you to complete the insurance claim process. You won’t need to sort through piles of documents, and you will have accurate information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Secure your Property and Contact the Fire Department

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Some property may be salvaged in the case of commercial fire damage or fire in home. It is imperative first to secure your property to avoid all looting of these properties or further fire loss and damages at the site. This may also help you with the insurance companies as it will help in the forensic examination to determine the cause of the fire and subsequent compensation.

Immediately you secure the site, call the fire department for the issuance of the fire report. The fire report specifies all the necessary information about the fire including the time, casualties if any, date and the extent of fire damage.

Embark on Fire Cleanup process after Fire Damage

You may contact the services of the fire damage restoration experts to help you do the fire cleanup especially in the event of excessive smoke damage and soot damage. Normally, it is never safe to assume you can handle the entire fire cleanup by yourself. Fire loss comes with severe smoke damage and excess soot damage. Restoring the air quality and aeration condition and the entire fire cleanup process in your building thus may need an extra hand to help do so. If the damage is quite small, you can do the cleanup by yourself by mixing trisodium phosphate and water to clean up the smoke damage. You can further use a vacuum cleaner to wipe out the soot by yourself. This may enhance the air quality in your building.

Fire damage restoration experts can help you clean the soot damage very first. Smoke damage may corrode your walls and other non-damaged valuables since the smoke solution is acidic. Likewise, soot damage blocks your ventilation system resulting in poor air quality in your premise.

Whether it is a commercial fire damage or a fire in business or your home apartment, please try as much as you can to do the fire clean up and regain normalcy. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Maintain a Sump Pump

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Sump pumps prevent water from accumulating in basements or crawl spaces

Homeowners depend on sump pumps to prevent water from accumulating in basements or crawl spaces. These pumps cannot work without a power source and functional, unobstructed components. Perform the following pump maintenance measures several times a year to ensure that the sump pump in your home will function properly in the event of a flood.

Check Power Sources

Sump pumps should have primary and emergency backup power sources. Test both to ensure that the pump will work regardless of whether the power is on.

  • Make sure the pump is plugged into a functional ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, outlet.
  • Check the power cord for damage.
  • Replace a backup battery at least every two to three years.

These measures can keep the pump in your home running reliably and safely.

Clear Debris

Debris may accumulate in several parts of a sump pump. Clear clogs when you perform pump maintenance.

  • Check the intake screen for blockages and remove debris.
  • Clear out the pit and make sure the float is functional.
  • Eliminate obstructions in the discharge pipe and vent hole.

Dirt, gravel, and other types of debris can force a pump to work overtime to drain the basin. This will put more stress on the pump machinery and increase the risk of an overflow.

Test the Pump

Make sure the pump is working by filling a bucket with water and dumping it into the basin. The float should trigger the pump to activate, and the water should drain. If the pump does not activate, check the float and power source. Schedule a repair if you cannot determine the source of the problem.

A sump pump can help to remove water from the basement or crawl space of your home. Pump failure or malfunction can lead to flooding. Clean up and repair damage by hiring residential mitigation and restoration experts in North Naples,FL.

3 Steps To Eliminate Smoke Damage

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Soot damage on ceiling in East Naples,FL

How to Eliminate Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can linger in a commercial building long after a fire has been extinguished. A specialized smoke cleaning process will remove residual staining and odors from surfaces and contents. Fire and soot damage cleanup experts follow these three steps to get rid of lingering traces of smoke.

1. Remove and Clean Contents

Contents can retain smoke odors even after all of the surfaces in an area exposed to smoke or fire have been cleaned. Smoke molecules may adhere to hard surfaces or sink into porous or semi-porous materials. Restoration experts may recommend dry-cleaning, wet cleaning, foam cleaning, or immersion in a bath of cleaning solution. Ultrasonic waves or abrasion can remove hard-to-reach deposits of soot or smoke.

2. Clean Surfaces

Smoke leaves behind a residue that will often result in surface staining and a telltale odor. Wet cleaning or the use of a chemical sponge is recommended prior to repainting. Removing residue can stop smoke damage from resurfacing over time.

3. Eliminate or Neutralize Odors

Getting rid of the smell of smoke is one of the most important steps toward eliminating damage. Restoration professionals may recommend the use of an air scrubber to filter smoke particles out of the air. Specialized equipment such as ozone generators, hydroxyl machines, thermal foggers, and vapor modification systems work by neutralizing the odor of smoke particles. It may be necessary to clean out HVAC ducts and vents to banish the smell of smoke from a structure.

If smoke odor or staining remains a problem at a commercial property in East Naples, FL, contact a mitigation and restoration service that specializes in smoke cleaning. These measures can be taken as part of a more comprehensive fire and soot damage cleanup strategy or a targeted treatment. Most commercial insurance policies cover smoke damage restoration, even if the fire took place at an adjacent company or property.

Mold 101: Answering FAQs About Mold

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Mold in ceiling in Pelican Bay,FL

While many people know mold is bad, plenty of business owners lack details about much else. Understanding its causes, threats and even biological makeup can go a long way to helping you prevent mold growth in your Pelican Bay,FL, business. Bone up on your mold knowledge with this guide to mold FAQs.

What Is Mold?

One of the most basic questions is exactly what mold is. Most people know it as a dark-colored, furry looking pest that occurs in wet areas. Specifically, molds are fungi that occur indoors and outdoors and grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions. They spread and reproduce by making spores. They occur in thousands of species with some of the most common being:

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Alternaria
  • Aspergillus

Where Is Mold Most Likely To Occur?
Mold is particularly annoying because it can grow in all kinds of conditions, including behind walls, under sinks, in attics, etc. As a business owner, this can make it hard to know if your business is particularly at risk. Barring a water event, which can put any structure at risk for mold growth, some of the areas with high potential mold exposures include high-humidity greenhouses, saunas, farms, construction areas and flower shops.

Is DIY Mold Cleanup Ever OK?
Mold is so common that most of us encounter it. It’s fine to clean up small amounts. Talk to a professional mold remediator, however, if if the problem in your business is more than a few feet in diameter or is inside your walls or HVAC system.

Why Is Mold a Problem?
Mold is believed to trigger allergic reactions and discomfort in some, but more commonly, it simply eats away at the surfaces it lives on. This can cause extensive damage to wood, ventilation systems, drywall, carpeting and more.

Understanding mold is the first step to preventing it. Using these tips to know what mold is, how mold growth happens, when mold cleanup is needed and more can help you keep your business mold-free.