Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in dry wall

Mold Growth from Water Damage

Mold growth, including black mold, is often considered a type of secondary damage. However, your space could be affected by other types of secondary destruction if you don't properly address water issues right away.

Mold spots on the inside of a window.

Black Mold Appears

Black mold does not only appear in visible locations such as the ceilings, walls and floors. Did you know, stachybotrys chartarum could also hide inside your property's air ducts?

Improving air quality is such an important factor inside any home. Call on SERVPRO of North Naples today (239) 592-0100

Mold in a drawer

Mold Diagonosis

Mold can be tough to diagnose. Be sure not to touch anything you think might be mold growth and leave it to the professionals to handle!  24/7, 365, Day or Night, were here to serve you! 

Two green SERVPRO vans parked outside.

Leaks & Mold

What are the 3 Key Differences between Storm Cleanup and Pipe Leak Cleanup? 1. Classification 2. Cleanup Methods 3. Level of Help SERVPRO of North Naples is always here to help in any moment of need! 

Moisture meter next to mold.

Attic Mold

You can prevent mold growth in your home or office. Water is the key. Without it, mold growth cannot start, much less multiply and spread. Keep your space clean & dry with the lowest humidity as possible.

How to remove mold in Naples, FL

SERVPRO of North Naples was called to handle this mold job in Naples, FL. Our team was quick to respond and analyze the situation to make sure all the necessary steps were taken to remove and cleanup the area affected by the mold. 

What do I do if I have mold growing on my ceiling?

If you see mold from suspected water damage in your home, make sure to give SERVPRO of North Naples a call immediately. We will have everything tested and then properly treated to make sure the mold is removed. 

Dishwasher Leak

After leaking for a long period of time Mold started to grow behind this dishwasher.  The technicians at SERVPRO helped this home owner to contain the mold and professionally cleaned the area for reinstallation of dishwasher.

Mold in ceiling, Naples Florida

SERVPRO of North Naples made sure the customers home was free of any mold.  The professionally trained technicians contained the mold. Mold can grow quickly and spread.  The home owner was very satisfied with the work performed.

Mold on Bedroom Floor

SERVPRO of North Naples has the right equipment and trained professionals to respond to your mold needs. Mold can grow very rapidly so it is important for us to respond quickly to prevent from spreading.