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Benefits of a Commercial Generator

3/6/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial power generator A commercial generator can be an imperative part of successful operations

In this day and age, any Vanderbilt Beach, FL, business relies on power to get the job done. If severe weather, such as flooding or storm damage, or a blackout or brownout occurs, the loss of power can have far-reaching consequences. While it is an investment, having a commercial generator provides a reliable safeguard to keep the power on.

Benefits of Maintaining Power

This backup power source converts fuel, such as diesel or gasoline, into electrical energy. Typically larger in size than residential options, they are designed to automatically kick on, offering permanent protection. While choosing the right one depends on the size of the building and the business’s needs, the benefits of having one are immeasurable. They include:

  • Along with keeping the lights on, it will enable heating and cooling systems to continue operating. This will ensure employees, customers, tenants or vendors remain safe and unaffected by potentially hazardous weather.
  • A power failure has the potential to affect the technology a business uses. An automatic backup can prevent that problem from happening.
  • Regardless of the industry, no power equals lost revenue and potential damage to your reputation if your business can’t function properly.

Protection Requires Maintenance
A commercial generator can be an imperative part of successful operations. Knowing it’s there provides peace of mind. Like with most mechanical things, generator problems can happen. A typical diesel generator is designed to last anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 hours. For most businesses, that often equates to 20 years of reliability, as long as it is properly maintained.
Regular cleaning and inspections are required to get the most out of your investment. Along with ensuring you have the right size of generator for the size of your building, regularly changing the oil, replacing filters and removing water can help ensure it works right when it needs to.
With everything a business owner has on their plate, being prepared can lighten the load. Making this kind of investment can keep things running smoothly and people safe.

What To Know About Burn First Aid in the Workplace

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

Popping burn blister It’s recommended that a doctor still be consulted.

A fire in a Naples, FL workplace can lead to more than just fire damage. Even with a small fire it’s possible for an employee to get burned. This is one reason to know how to administer burn related first aid properly. After which you can contact a local fire damage restoration service to take care of the building.

1. Determine the Burn Severity
One of the first steps to burn first aid is to determine the severity of the burn. If the burned area is larger than three inches, appears dry or charred, includes white blisters, or appears to be deep, a medical professional should be consulted immediately, and contacting emergency personnel may be necessary. Smaller burns that look similar to a sunburn may be treated with a first aid kit until a doctor can be consulted.

2. Remove Restrictive Items
If you’re treated minor burns after fire damage at your place of business it’s important that any restrictive items be removed from that patient’s burned area. If swelling were to occur these items could potentially restrict blood flow. Depending on the burn’s location these items can include jewelry, wrist watches, jackets or other sleeves, socks, or shoes.

3. Cool the Burn
One of the things recommended for burn first aid is to cool the burn. It’s advised to use cool water or a cold, damp rag instead of cold water or ice as too much of a drop in temperature too quickly can lead to a loss of body heat which can result in shock. Most professionals recommend using a rag soaked in cool water which can be kept wrapped around the burned area until a doctor can be consulted.
It’s important to take care of any employees before worrying about fire damage to the company property. Assess how bad the burn is and contact a medical professional immediately for a large injury. Smaller injuries should be kept cool and any restricting items should be removed in case of swelling. 

Get Power Even During an Outage

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Power outages sign These are smart solutions for the unexpected moments facing your company.

Preparing your business for a storm in Naples, FL requires some planning and money. The planning normally isn't too expensive, but it involves getting your employees on board with some training for what actions to take in a weather emergency. These actions can be as simple as knowing who to call when storm damage affects your business.

Good numbers to have on hand include the fire department, emergency dispatch and a storm remediation team that can respond quickly. You might also need to make a few capital outlays to be prepared. One expense could be for a commercial generator to power up critical systems in the case of a power outage.

Reliable Backup Power
Many types of commercial generators are available for purchase. Most run on gasoline power or diesel, but some even run on solar power. Some will run critical systems such as lights, heating and cooling and computers. Others are large enough to power your entire business. When buying reliable backup power, consider these options:

-A system that automatically kicks in when the power goes out
-A machine that is big enough for your needs
-A machine that is maintained by the company that sells it

When you have gone to the trouble of purchasing the right machine, the last thing you want to deal with is generator problems. A top quality unit will last for twenty to thirty years and can be good for as long as 5,000 hours of use.

Smart Solution
Storm damage can bring your business to a halt. It can also put your inventory at risk if the temperature rises too high or falls too low. Sensitive electrical systems and computer files are vulnerable to power surges. A quality commercial generator can be a lifesaver for your business and keep the lights on. It's a smart solution to the unexpected moments facing your company.

3 Tips To Dry Your Building After a Flood

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

A man in white personal protective gear shuffling through trash If you are going to enter your flooded business, it's often wise to wear protective gear

3 Tips To Dry Your Building After a Flood

Though everyone hopes that his or her business will never be affected by water damage, many business owners in Naples Park, FL, deal with the effects of flooding every year. As a business owner, it can be useful to know damage tips to dry out your business if a flood does occur.

1. Eliminate Electrical Hazards

Whether the flood in your business was caused by a pipe burst or a broken sewer line, there may be various electrical hazards in your building. Prior to entering your building, it can be useful to turn off the power. If you notice any frayed or loose wires inside your business, it's generally best to avoid touching them. Instead of using your air conditioning and any other items that need electricity to operate, opening windows can allow items to dry out safely.

2. Wear the Appropriate Clothing

Lightweight items can often be removed from your business and can safely dry outside of your building. However, when it comes to damage tips, it's important to focus on your own well-being when drying out your property and the items inside. If you are going to enter your flooded business, it's often wise to wear protective gear to ensure that you don't come in contact with anything hazardous. Wearing gloves, boots, long pants and a face mask is often useful when entering a flooded property.

3. Know When To Contact Professionals

Though you may be able to safely remove some items from your building without further cleaning them, other items may require intensive sanitization methods. Though cleaning tips can often be useful in regards to damp items, if mold growth is present on them, then it may be useful to contact water damage restoration professionals. Professionals can safely remove items from your business and can dry, sanitize and restore as much as is possible.
Regardless of the cause of the flood in your building, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed after a flood. However, knowing water damage tips to dry your building can help you to feel less stressed and more able to minimize the damage to your property.

Cleaning Sensitive Electronics After a Fire Can Be Tricky

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Electrical fire in Naples Lakes, FL

An electrical fire is a nasty event. Potentially even worse than a regular fire, they are insidious, destructive and dangerous. They often burn the insulation on wiring, creating a particularly noxious and toxic kind of smoke damage that finds its way into electronics throughout your business. Common both in Naples Lakes, FL, and across the nation, they cause at least 50,000 fires every year and over $1 Billion in damages in the U.S. alone.

Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to help prevent them, and if it occurs, there’s a highly efficient way to reduce the costs by using a professional fire damage cleanup company to save anything possible and repair expensive equipment with a computer cleanup. With some forethought and preparation in case of disaster, your business can survive all but the worst-case scenarios.

Electrical Fire Prevention

Admit it: you’ve used extension cords and outlet additions to an unhealthy extreme at least once. It’s very common and one of the most important contributors to devastating fires. But there are other causes, including

  • Faulty outlets, as evidenced by loose plugs and smoke or burn damage around the receptacle.
  • Damaged, outdated or faulty appliances.
  • Running an extension cord under a rug.
  • Using a light bulb with too many watts for the specific fixture.
  • Space heaters.
  • Old electrical wiring.

If you identify any of these problems and fix them, you’ll reduce your risk of fire enormously.

Cleaning Up After an Electrical Fire

Soot from a fire is hard on electronics. It leaves a residue that can short-circuit devices and cause long-term degradation from its acidic nature. If you are very experienced with building computers in Naples Lakes, FL, you may attempt to clean the components yourself, but for the vast majority of people it should be left to experienced professionals. They can usually save anything not directly impinged by heat damage if the electricity was shut off in time. If not done correctly, you may cause further damage and potentially lose data on storage devices that is invaluable to your business.

What To Expect When Sewer Damage Occurs

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial restoration cleanup in Pine Ridge, FL

Common Questions Asked About Sewer Backup

If your Pine Ridge, FL, company has suffered sewer damage then you may be wondering what to expect with the restoration process. Here is some information related to some of the most commonly asked questions about sewer backup.

1. Insurance Coverage Depends on Your Policy

If you're looking at damage from a flooded toilet you may be wondering if it's covered by your business insurance policy. The answer to this question depends entirely on what exactly is in your policy, and its wording. As a business owner it's your responsibility to know what your coverage contains, and to purchase additional coverage for anything you believe could be a specific issue. If you have any questions it's best to talk to your insurance agent.

2. A Professional Restoration Crew Should Handle Cleanup

Because water from sewer damage is categorized as black water, it's important to contact a professional water damage restoration service to conduct the cleanup and any repairs. Depending on the nature of the damage you may also want to contact the sewage company. This will allow for the appropriate sanitation and safety measures to be followed.

3. You May Need to Relocate Some Business Processes During Cleanup

Because sewer related water damage is considered to be contaminated you may want to consider the possibility of moving any business away from the affected area in order to avoid further contamination across the building. This may mean moving a few files down the hall, or in the event of a larger issue you may want to relocate to another building until your restoration professionals determine the area is safe to enter.
In the event your company property suffers sewer damage it's important to know what exactly is in your insurance policy so that you can determine what coverage you have. Because sewer water is considered to be black water it's important to have a professional crew handle the cleanup process so that all safety and sanitation steps can be followed. You may also want to consider moving operations away from the affected area to help avoid contamination in other parts of the building.

Finish Repairs Quickly and Avoid Rising Operating Costs

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in a North Naples, FL facility.

As a responsible business owner in North Naples, FL, you are probably aware of the costs of business interruption due to flooding. In fact, you probably carry an insurance policy to cover your losses should you have to evacuate your place of operations.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail to realize the consequences of making claims against their insurance policies. This typically results in the following:

  • Higher premiums
  • Lower profit margins
  • The necessity to switch insurance companies

Minimize Losses

When faced with flooding, especially that causing large water damage to the extent that you have to leave your premises, minimizing your loss should be the first priority. This means more than simply saving valuable items, retrieving data and avoiding injuries. You should also focus on making sure your interruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

If you're paying for business interruption insurance, it might not make sense at first to worry about getting the repairs done quickly. For example, you might feel like it's reasonable to take your time waiting for a broken pipe system to be fixed— after all, the insurance company is covering you.

Understanding Your Priorities

For some, the sense of security provided by business interruption insurance may come from a lack of understanding of how the policy works. Unlike the disaster insurance that helps you fix the damage and get back to business, interruption insurance is designed to keep you in operation in a situation where you could lose your entire enterprise. As such, it should be used only when completely necessary.

Getting the Job Done Quickly

Your best bet is to hire a company that has the ability to execute your repairs quickly. Flooding may seem catastrophic when it happens, but damage caused by small floods could be repaired in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances. Communicate to your repair company that you would like to get back to business as soon as possible to avoid having to use your interruption insurance: An experienced contractor should understand and help if possible.

3 Steps To Prevent Mold Growth in Humid Environments

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage caused by issues such as leaking pipes or malfunctioning appliances are not always immediately noticeable.

Businesses in climates with high humidity are often affected by mold, and the mold cleanup process can be both stressful and costly. However, businesses in North Naples, FL can use several tactics to decrease the likelihood of mold growth.

1. Keep Your Building Dry

Damp environments often allow mold to flourish and making sure your building remains as dry as possible can often prevent the spores from growing and spreading. However, water damage caused by issues such as leaking pipes or malfunctioning appliances are not always immediately noticeable. By keeping track of your water bill, however, it may be easier to spot and resolve a problem quickly, which can potentially prevent mold damage.

2. Lower Humidity Levels Inside

In climates with high humidity, there are various measurements that can decrease the level of humidity inside your business. Using dehumidifiers and making sure the building is well-ventilated can help decrease humidity inside. However, if regular dehumidifiers don’t effectively decrease the humidity, it may be helpful to contact professionals in mold remediation who have access to high-powered dehumidifiers.

3. Use and Clean the Right Materials

When choosing materials to use in your business, it’s often helpful to consider using mold-resistant materials in climates that are extremely humid. It can also be important to make sure even mold-resistant materials are cleaned frequently, since dirt and dust often fuel the spread of mold and preventing the build-up of dirt and dust can make it harder for mold to grow. Frequent cleaning also makes it more likely that you will notice if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Even though businesses in humid environments are more prone to mold growth, there are methods that can make it more difficult for spores to grow. Keeping your property dry, decreasing high humidity levels and frequently cleaning and using materials that are resistant to mold can prevent mold from growing in humid environments.

3 Ways To Limit Revenue Loss After a Fire

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Hire a fire restoration professional in North Naples, FL

3 Ways To Limit Revenue Loss After a Fire

The damage caused by a fire and the inability of a business to operate during the restoration process can halt revenue streams. Interruption insurance coverage can compensate for lost income and cover expenses until a business is ready to reopen. Here are three ways to limit the amount of revenue lost during a business interruption due to fire.

1. Temporarily Relocate

If a business can operate out of another part of a damaged structure or a temporary location, this may limit lost revenue and get around the need to file an interruption claim. Relocation may not be possible if an enterprise relies on specialized equipment that has sustained damage in a fire or that cannot be moved.

2. File a Business Interruption Claim

If there is no way for a business to operate during fire cleanup and restoration, the owner or named insured should file an interruption insurance claim. It is a good idea to perform a business impact analysis ahead of time to ensure that the amount of coverage will be sufficient. It can take 48 to 72 hours for interruption coverage to begin. Extensions may be available in 30-day increments up to 720 days with optional endorsements.

3. Hire Fire Restoration Professionals

A fire damage restoration company can complete cleanup in less time than non-professional cleaners. Even though these services may be more expensive, they are likely to be more efficient and result in fewer persistent problems. Commercial property insurance companies also prefer to cover claims for damage that will handled by experienced professionals.

These methods can limit the amount of revenue a business loses after a fire. An interruption insurance claim may not be necessary if a business can operate out of a temporary location. If not, a claim can compensate for losses. Rely on restoration professionals to clean and rebuild a commercial property in North Naples, FL.

3 Steps To Take After a Pipe Breaks

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial restoration clean up in Pelican Bay, FL

Steps to Take After a Pipe Break

Water damage in Pelican Bay, FL due to bursting pipes has the potential to be costly to your business. There are several steps you can take after a pipe breaks that can help you protect your business.

1. Eliminate the Source of Water and Fix the Issue

When you have identified the cause of the water damage, the first step you should take is to stop the water from flowing before you fix the broken pipe. Turning off the water in your building can prevent your building from flooding. Once the water is off, a plumber can examine your pipes and determine what likely caused the pipe to break. Once the cause of the break has been identified, you can later consider the best option for replacing the pipes.

2. Contact a Cleanup Service

Once the bursting pipes are no longer actively flooding the building, it’s often important to contact a cleanup service. Although you may want to remove some of the water yourself, a cleaning service experienced in handling flooded buildings is likely to be more knowledgeable in methods to use to thoroughly clean and sanitize your items and your building. Often, cleanup service workers use specialized equipment to restore items that are fragile and difficult to handle.

3. Prevent Secondary Damage

Often, water damage can cause secondary damage, and mold growth is often one of the most common types of secondary damage after a flood. In addition to removing water and starting to clean your business quickly, keeping your building dry can prevent mold from growing. Since mold grows in humid, moist environments, it can be helpful to open windows and turn on fans to keep your building dry.

Quickly reacting to bursting pipes can help you prevent major damage from occurring in your business. If your business has already been affected by flooding, it can be helpful to work with water damage restoration experts.

Should Your Business Invest in a Commercial Generator?

10/15/2018 (Permalink)

Purchase a commercial generator for your East Naples,FL business

Making money in a busy economy depends on a few factors. One thing is certain, though: if your business does not have a steady supply of electricity, it may not be able to meet the demands of your customers. Nonetheless, storms, faulty power grids and other culprits can cause your company to lose power. Before you purchase a commercial generator for your East Naples,FL, business, you should know a bit about this piece of heavy equipment.

Generators Use Fuel To Create Electricity

When the power fails, a backup generator uses fuel to generate usable electricity to supply your business. Generators run on different types of fuel, including the following:

  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Liquid propane
  • Gaseous propane
  • Combination fuel

When your organization needs an emergency supply of electricity, you simply engage the machine’s engine. Some generators automatically start running when the power fails. As you may suspect, generators come in a variety of sizes and styles. Small ones use little fuel while delivering low amounts of electricity. Large generators can power entire factories. Which size is right for your organization likely depends on your company’s electricity requirements.

Generators Convert Energy
To create electricity, generators function as reverse motors. That is, they don’t pull electricity out of thin air. Instead, they convert either mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. This energy is forced into a circuit to create an electrical current.

Generators Have a Lifespan
Like any machine, a generator has a useful lifespan. How long your machine is apt to last depends on its design, construction, maintenance and other factors. Most commercial generators, though, can operate for more than 20 years. You must watch for signs of generator problems to know when to replace yours. If your machine fails, you may need to rely on a professional cleanup crew to repair damage to your company. You may also run into a work stoppage.

Does Water Damage Destroy Electronics?

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage on a restaurant in Naples, FL

Electronics are an essential part of most businesses in Naples, FL, whether you sell electronic equipment or use technology to manage inventory, finances and personnel. What happens when a storm hits, a pipe breaks or other unexpected event causes water damage? Are flooded electronics destroyed or can the items be saved?

What You Can Do

Humidity, splashing or submersion can all cause electronic damage in varying degrees. Take the following actions to minimize the impact:

  • First, consider your safety. If wet equipment is connected to a source of electricity, or if you are standing in water, do not touch the electronics.
  • If possible, turn off electricity to the building at the circuit breaker. Do not unplug items while live electricity is present.
  • For battery-powered items, turn the equipment off and remove the batteries.
  • Move devices out of the water and rotate to allow draining.
  • Even if it looks dry, after equipment has been exposed to water do not turn it on or attempt to use it.

What Professionals Can Do

Depending on the type of equipment, flooded electronics may require specialized cleaning and restoration procedures. Water restoration specialists typically first assess the electronic damage and then apply the necessary methodology to salvageable items:

  • Immediate action is important when electronics are involved. Professionals usually arrive to assess the situation within hours of your call.
  • The equipment is thoroughly dried on the outside to prevent secondary damage, such as corrosion or mold.
  • An electronics technician uses a variety of techniques to clean and restore the devices. For example, equipment may be disassembled and submerged in an alcohol solution to clear out remaining water. Small brushes, heating tools or ultrasonic cleaners may be used.

Flooded electronics at your business in Naples, FL, are not necessarily destroyed. With quick action and the proper techniques, it is possible for your technology to recover from electronic damage.

Prevent Mold Growth With Immediate Response

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

The key to prevent the addition of mold growth after water damage in Naples, FL is immediate prevention. As soon as water gets into places it doesn't belong, minimize damage by to your property and furnishings by responding immediately. Call your insurance company first and then take the following steps:

• Disconnect the power and remove all electronics, furniture, and other moveable contents from the area. This includes pulling out carpeting and underpadding. Remember, do not enter any affected area without first disconnecting all power and electricity.
• Remove the water. If possible and appropriate, pour buckets of water down drains. Otherwise, pour it into lawns or other permeable surfaces around the property. Continue your work with towels and mops until water has been completed evacuated from your building. If you plan to use a wet-dry vacuum, make sure you find a plug that is not located near the water. Do not use an extension cord because if the connection meets the water, it could short and shock you and others in the area. A sump pump may also be a viable option.
• Thoroughly dry the area. If the weather is dry, you can open windows for good ventilation and use fans to circulate air more quickly. A dehumidifier helps you get the area dry as quickly as possible. You may need to cut away any areas of drywall that were affected by water because the space behind the drywall is perfect for mold growth.
• Disinfect everything affected by water damage. Mold prevention professionals can help you choose the best disinfectant for wood, insulation, and other materials. You'll also want to consider the dangers of bacteria that may be in the area as a result of flooding.
• Dispose of materials that were affected by mold or water damage. It's important to thoroughly discuss proper disposal habits with mold prevention professionals, so you don't inappropriately affect municipal waste management services.

Use these tips to prevent mold from taking hold in your property. Professionals in Naples, FL may be able to offer you further advice and assistance. Visit for more information on mold. 

How To Maintain Old Pipes in Rental Properties

6/16/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience commercial water damage.

Older properties have their quirks. For all their charms, they are often burdened with issues like polybutylene pipes or plumbing that gets easily clogged. If you own rental properties in Naples, FL that were not built in the last 20 years, you are likely to experience some of the plumbing eccentricities that come with older buildings. It is important to have some basic maintenance routines in place to help you navigate older plumbing.

Older Pipe Materials

Many pipes in older buildings are made from materials that cannot necessarily withstand the chemicals we now use to make our water supply safer for people to use. For a while, a plastic material known as polybutylene was used to replace traditional copper pipes. It was cheaper to manufacture and was less prone to corrosion. When these pipes react to the chlorine and other chemicals in water, causing them to flake and weaken, you could have significant water damage that can only be resolved by water restoration specialists. If you discover that your rental property has pipes made from this material, it is a good idea to replumb before you are faced with an expensive leak problem.

Frequent Clogging

Older pipes tend to clog frequently. There are several ways to address a clogged drain:

• Hire a plumber
• Use a drain snake
• Use a plunger
• Maintain with an enzyme treatment

If you need your drain unclogged immediately, a snake, plunger or plumber is probably your best bet. If, however, you can afford to wait a few days or if you are merely performing preventative maintenance, enzymes can be an effective way to take care of your older pipes. These enzymes are produced by bacteria that eat away at the gunk that is clogging your drain. A monthly treatment should be enough to keep your older pipes working well.

If you own an older rental property in Naples, FL you have to keep a close eye on your plumbing. Whether you have polybutylene pipes or simply older pipes that clog easily, recognizing and managing problems when they first occur is the key to saving money on repairs.
Visit for more information on commercial water damage.

Basic First Aid for Workplace Burns

5/19/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience commercial fire damage.

When fire accidents happen around the workplace in Naples, FL it isn’t only fire damage to your property you need to worry about. To improve safety conditions, all employees should understand basic burn first aid. Minor burns can be managed on site, but more serious burns need to be treated by a doctor. If a burn meets any of the following criteria, call for emergency help right away.

• Appears charred
• Has white, brown or black patches
• Is larger than three inches across
• Covers hands, face, feet, buttocks, groin or joints
• Is deep

Treating Minor Burns

If fire damage to the skin affects a small area and appears red or blistered, it’s probably minor enough to treat on site. First, run the burn under cool water or hold cool, wet compresses against it to reduce the pain. If there is any jewelry in the burned area it should be removed, because burns can swell and cause jewelry to become painfully tight. A burn lotion, such as aloe vera, can be applied and a dry gauze bandage wrapped loosely around the area. Try not to break any blisters, as these protect the burned skin from infection. If a blister does break, gently clean it and cover the area with gauze.

Handling Major Burns Until Help Arrives

If an employee sustains major burns, there are things you can do to treat the burn until emergency services arrive. The most important thing is to get the injured person away from the heat source and to check to see if they are breathing. If not, begin resuscitative breathing immediately. The following actions can prevent further harm until trained medical personnel can take over.

• Remove restrictive items, such as jewelry and belts, from the burned area
• Cover the burn with cool, damp cloth
• Elevate the burned area
• Treat for shock by lying the person down, elevating their feet and keeping them warm

While fire damage to property should only be handled by a professional fire remediation company in Naples, FL every worker should be trained in basic first aid for burns. Addressing a wound right away can make a big difference in the healing process. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage

Why Quick Flood Mitigation Is Necessary for Your Business

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Our team responded to this water loss in Naples, FL.

Torrential downpours in North Naples, FL can cause flooding at your business and potentially threaten your livelihood. However, the aftermath of a flood may be more of a threat than the initial event, especially when it comes to mold growth. Having flood waters removed from your commercial building right away by a professional storm restoration and cleanup service can help prevent problems caused by standing water.

Mold Can Grow Rapidly

In optimal conditions, mold can grow almost anywhere in your building within 24–48 hours of flooding. The presence of moisture and humidity can accelerate mold growth, which can be a serious concern during a summer flood. Having flood waters removed the same day, if possible, can impede the development of mold and reduce the risk of it taking hold inside your building.

Mold Can Be Difficult to Treat

Once mold is allowed to grow after a flood, it can spread rapidly and impact different areas of your business, such as the ceilings, basement and interior walls. When mold grows where you cannot see, it can be difficult to treat by the time it is eventually discovered. Removing flood waters as soon as possible can stop mold growth before it starts and save on the cost of having it treated later.

Mold Can Cause Offensive Odors

Mold contains bacteria that gives it a musty odor. It can smell like a dusty attic or wet, dirty laundry. Once it invades your building and starts to grow, this odor can seep into your building and be noticeable to your customers. If the smell becomes strong enough, it may start to drive people away. Investing in flood mitigation as soon as possible after flooding can prevent this situation.

Once a flood occurs at your North Naples, FL business, mold can begin to grow quickly if the water is not removed. Flood mitigation can prevent mold growth and all the problems the fungus may cause once it takes hold. Visit for more information on commercial water damage. 

Why Do Restoration Workers Board Up a Building After a Fire in Naples?

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Naples, FL

You may have walked by a burned-out building after a commercial fire in Naples, Florida, and wondered why all the windows were boarded up. It isn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but does it actually serve a purpose?

As it turns out, boarding up a recently burned property is a very important part of the fire damage restoration process. To understand the value of the board up service, it’s helpful to get a clearer understanding of the fire restoration process as a whole. Here is a brief rundown of the fire damage restoration process as it relates to board up service:

Thorough Inspection

Before the boards and tarps go up, fire restoration professionals scan the affected area with state-of-the-art equipment that gives them accurate readings as to the levels of soot, smoke, and fire damage in the premises. This provides them with a solid grasp on which items and belongings are salvageable and which are too far gone. Many of the items, because they are salvageable, still have inherent value, and it’s important to protect them.

Boarding Up for Safety

Once the affected area has been assessed for severity of damage and salvageability of items, restoration professionals will board up any destroyed windows and place tarps over destroyed ceilings. This serves multiple purposes.

Perhaps most important, this helps protect damaged items from further elemental damage, particularly from precipitation. Statistically speaking, looting is also a serious problem with burned-out commercial buildings as well. Looters may not have the equipment to tell them whether an item is salvageable or not, but it usually won’t stop them from stealing.

This also creates a secure environment for fire restoration professionals to work in, as the fire cleanup process is very involved and often difficult work. Once the area has been boarded for security and safety purposes, professionals will get to work on restoring items and structural areas to their pre-fire condition.

Visit us at for more commercial restoration information. 

Commercial Fire Cleanup in North Naples

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Whether smoke damage or soot damage, the fire restoration experts are there to help as much as they possibly can. This company will be able to work with you after the firefighters have left with their fire hoses and fire trucks. They will do an amazing job of getting rid of the smoke damage left behind from the fire damage itself. They will also be able to install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system so that it prevents a fire from overcoming your home or business again in the future.

It may be tempting to try to do the commercial fire damage repair on your own, but this is something best left to the professionals. There are so many experts who work on this type of business for you, which is ideal for individuals who want to have a professional fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system put into place. They will also be able to take care of the smoke damage and soot damage for you, allowing you to return to your home without issues.

Visit our site for more information.

Fire and Fire Sprinkler Damage in Naples, FL

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Fire damage and soot damage is best left to an expert company that does this for a living. They can install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system into your home for you at a cost that you will be able to afford. After an electrical fire or utility room fire it is good to know that you have the professionals by your side at all times. An electrical fire and utility room fire is no laughing matter, and it can be incredibly difficult to overcome these issues on your own.

Despite the fact that you have hired a firefighter along with fire hoses and fire trucks, you need a professional to handle the repair work due to an electrical fire or utility room fire. This ensures that despite having firefighters they are with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you are still hiring a professional to do the repair work for you at a time that you need it the most.

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Restoration After a Fire Loss

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Restoration something that is going to help you tremendously and allow you to finally regain control over your home or business.

Let's face it, it can be incredibly difficult to get back to normal after a fire. However, it will be a little bit easier if you work with professionals who do this type of repair work for a living. This is something that everyone will easily be able to do on their own, so it is imperative that you contact a company local to your home and begin working with them as soon as possible.

Restoration is the final step—getting your home or business to its pre-fire condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet; or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

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The Route to take After a Fire

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The Route to take After a Fire

After you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a fire damage debacle, you are now left to put the business back together. The fire suppression system (e.g. chemical spray, fire sprinkler system, etc.) is triggered, the alarm goes off, fire trucks, fire hoses, and firefighters all push to extinguish the flames. The end result is always unavoidable destruction, be that minor or major. Some fires start as an electrical fire, some start as a utility room fire. Some buildings have fire suppression systems, some do not. There are no two fire damage situations that are the same and as a result, each situation should have unique care assigned to it. A well-equipped fire restoration company will be able to do just that, but will likely follow a general timeline of events.

Contact and Game Plan

It is important to contact a fire restoration company as soon as possible after fire damage occurs at your business. Most will have 24/7 call centers. Fire trucks, fire hoses, and firefighters all deal with the eminent threat of a fire. However, once that fire is doused, the fire restoration company will be the ones to take the commercial fire damage process towards the next steps of rebuilding.

During the first appointment, a technician will evaluate the entire scope of the project. They will assess the fire suppression system and designate any repairs that are needed. They will also inspect the fire sprinkler system if one is in place. Next, they move on to the secondary effects of a fire: smoke damage, soot damage, and water damage. By doing a point by point inspection, the technician will be able to come up with a comprehensive plan of repair.

Taking Care of the Immediate Fire Damage

Because fire hoses and fire trucks release thousands of gallons of water when being handled by firefighters, the threat of water damage is a very real concern. The first steps of repair always involve pumping out any standing water then integrating dehumidifiers to completely dry the area.

Even if a fire was small and contained very quickly, there is almost always smoke damage and soot damage. Smoke damage is when dense smoke plumes discolor and sometimes stain surfaces. In the best circumstances, smoke damage can be wiped off. In the worst circumstances, surfaces must be sanded and painted or replaced altogether. Often times eliminating smoke damage also means employing industrial scrubbers and fogging machines to get rid of an overall smokey smell. Soot damage is when burned debris coats surfaces, objects, walls, etc. In general, soot damage is easier to remove than smoke damage. Especially in commercial fire damage situations, these are important to address because smoke and soot damage impact neighboring businesses.

Checking the Building

Most commonly after commercial fire damage happens, it is discovered that an electrical fire or a utility room fire were the cause or area of origin. In the event of an electrical fire, there is almost no area of a business that won’t be affected in some way. That could come in the form of lack or power, shorted circuits, or any other variety of repercussions. An electrical fire can have serious implications for getting a business back up and running. A utility room fire can translate directly into an electrical fire. A way to help contain an incident that starts as a utility room fire is to have a fire sprinkler system already in place. The all-inclusive company that you’ve reached out to will be able to address all areas of concern after a utility room fire. They will evaluate what needs to be replaced and what can be salvaged. They will also advise you on installing a fire sprinkler system if the space has yet to have one installed.


The final step in a restoration project is when a restoration company addresses rebuilding the actual structure. A valuable company will be well versed in safety and health requirements, coding mandates, and how to bring the space back to an aesthetically pleasing point. They will replace beams, dry wall, paint, etc. to ultimately return the business to its pre-fire condition.

In order to see a commercial fire damage project to a successful end, tasking a fire restoration company with the job is the easiest route to achievement. Firefighters, fire trucks, and fire hoses are the first line of defense. However, an intensive company will take a look at your fire suppression system, clean, install a fire sprinkler system, and give you peace of mind knowing that your business can be restored to how it was before the fire damage occurred.
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Overcoming Commercial Fire Damage

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If you have recently been the victim of fire damage in the home or business, it is nice to know that fire restoration can fit easily into your budget and provide you the care that you need to restore your home or company back to its former glory. One of the main issues with fire damage as well as commercial fire damage is the fact that many people simply do not have the tools or skills necessary to get everything repaired. Whether you are dealing with smoke damage that was the result of an electrical fire or soot damage from a utility room fire, the fire restoration experts are there to help with everything you need.

One of the issues that a lot of people have when it comes to commercial fire damage is that they assume that after the firefighters have left with their fire hoses and fire trucks, they will be able to get their homes or companies back without needing professional help. This simply isn't the case, as most homeowners and business owners will find that they need to hire a fire restoration professional who specializes in commercial fire damage. This professional will also be able to install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system so that this doesn't happen again.

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