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What You Need To Know About Black Water

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

Flood cuts performed on a drywall, baseboards removed, carpet floor removed in a bedroom Storm damage to a bedroom in Vanderbilt Beach, FL.

When a home in Vanderbilt Beach, FL, experiences heavy rain and subsequential flooding, water damage is the first concern on residents' minds. However, flood water carries with it numerous contaminants that can present issues with clean-up. This type of water is also known as black water.

What Is Black Water?

Black water is water that can't be utilized for drinking, cleaning, or any other use in your home. That's because it has become so contaminated that using it presents health risks. Flood water could contain any number of contaminants:

  • chemicals
  • sewage
  • hazardous materials

Contaminated water should never be utilized for any purpose around the home.

How Does Black Water Occur?

Water contamination can occur during and after heavy rainfalls and flooding. Flood water carries with it everything that was on the ground prior to the rain. This can include fertilizers and underground sewage.
Water that has been exposed to these contaminants can quickly become breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. For this reason, you should never attempt to clean up this type of water damage yourself.

How Does Black Water Clean Up Occur?
After a disaster such as flooding, help becomes available right away. Between your home insurance company and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), you'll find options for other places to stay while your home is restored.
A professional restoration company will assess the damage, isolate the black water, and determine the next steps for removing the sewage and restoring the home. These experts will also determine which building materials must be removed and which are unexposed or can be safely cleaned and remain.
Areas of the home impacted by flooding should always be avoided until they have been professionally cleaned and repaired. While experiencing flooding can feel devastating, the safety of the occupants of the home should always be the first concern.

3 Problems Smoke Damage Can Cause In Your Commercial Building

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Barefoot Beach, FL.

How Smoke Can Affect Your Business?

When a fire damages your Barefoot Beach, FL, business property, you may find yourself facing more than scorched walls or a compromised roof. Smoke damage can be a major problem and difficult to clean. This type of issue often causes multiple problems and understanding how smoke can affect your business may help you to choose cleaning services that can restore it properly.

1. Corrosion

Smoke and soot damage can corrode many different items, especially electronics and many types of metal. When smoke residue is not removed completely, it can continue the corrosion process over time and cause machinery and important electronic systems to malfunction. In many cases, corrosion occurs where you cannot see it, which makes it more difficult to handle with everyday cleaning methods.

2. Discoloration From Smoke Damage

After a fire, building materials, such as drywall, can absorb smoke and cause discoloration to painted surfaces. It can yellow many surfaces and cause them to appear aged or dirty. Your building's decor can also become discolored when smoke residue remains on its surfaces, which customers may notice. Smoke can also leave behind a bitter, sooty odor on these items, which can linger for months after a fire.

3. Acidity Can Affect Windows

The acid content of smoke can affect glass, as after the material absorbs it, most types of glass take on a tarnished appearance. This discoloration often becomes worse over time, especially during periods of high humidity or if your building retains moisture. A fire restoration and mitigation service can perform smoke cleaning services to protect your building's glass and prevent discoloration that may make it appear unsanitary or old.
When smoke damage affects your Barefoot Beach, FL, business, ensuring that all your building's systems are free of harmful residue can be challenging. However, when you understand the type of issues smoke might cause, the more confident you might feel when it comes to calling for help to eliminate it completely and protect your property.

Deodorization After the Disaster: Hydroxyl Generators as an Option

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

Hydroxyl generator, generator used to remove smoke odor Hydroxyl generators are similar to ozone ones.

Deodorization After the Disaster

Flooding can result in extensive water damage that requires the services of a professional cleanup and restoration company in Pelican Marsh, FL, to repair. One common and unpleasant effect of a flood is the presence of a lingering odor. This smell may cling to furniture and saturate the air in a structure for long periods if not dealt with. It is generally the result of mold growth, sewage loss, flood water or a combination of two or all of these. The first is caused by the creation of habitats conducive to the fungus's development, namely areas with excess moisture. The second comes about when flowing waters drag along waste from the streets and sewers. The final saturates items in a structure, allowing the odor-producing microbes inhabiting it to emit bad scents in rooms. Hydroxyl generators are a tool commonly used to deodorize buildings.

How Do They Work?
Hydroxyl generators are similar to ozone ones. The difference is that instead of ozone they create hydroxyl radicals (OH molecules). They do so by mimicking a natural process, the reaction of ultraviolet rays from the sun with oxygen and water vapor, through the use of UV lights. These hydroxyls pull in hydrogen atoms, causing the breakdown of odor molecules and volatile compounds in the air.

What Benefits Are Associated With Them?
Besides the obvious stink-removal, hydroxyl generators also come with other benefits, including:

Variability - they can remove virtually any kind of odor, from the musty scent of mold growth to the stench of protein fires
Sanitization - as the decomposition of particles in the air proceeds, the process actually extends to certain objects like furniture and textiles, heading off microbial development (this does not apply to the penetration of walls)
Ease - the equipment is simple to use and move around
Safety - hydroxyls cause no damage to materials

Hydroxyl generators are a valuable tool for deodorizing commercial property after a flood. They can handle odors from mold growth, sewage and bacteria.

Important Actions to Take in Naples Before a Flood

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

Documents inside plastic bins Put important documents in a waterproof safe.

Three Ways To Protect Yourself In Case of a Flood watch

If your city just announced a flood watch, you still have time to prepare and should do so, mainly because you and your home are likely to be impacted. Even if no flood watch has been issued, keep in mind these three things restoration professionals recommend you do for your own protection.

1. Purchase Insurance

Flooding is usually not part of a standard North Pine Ridge, FL homeowner’s insurance policy, and a specific rider has to be purchased. Do you rent, or are you a business owner? Then this applies to you as well. If you live in an area that floods periodically, don’t risk it. Financial protection for the cost of flood repairs can give you a peace of mind, and it’s not worth having to deal with the financial hardship.

2. Protect Possessions

Now that you still have time to prepare your property, it’s advised that you do what you can to reduce the risk of flood damage to your structure and belongings. Put important documents in a waterproof safe. Valuable items, food, clothing, curtains, electronics, chemicals and anything else you want to protect should be elevated. If you have enough time to elevate all your belongings, do so. Any outdoor furniture and tools are to be moved inside, as they can be swept away. Removing everything from the walls is a good idea since the wallboard could soften up, causing everything to drop into the water. Furthermore, block the main sewage outlet and shut off all gas and electric service. Experts also recommend you clear debris from gutters, downspouts and storm drains.

3. Evacuate

If you don’t have time to prepare your residence because a flood warning has been issued, evacuate immediately. You don’t want to end up being trapped in your flooded house and risk your family’s safety. Should you not be able to evacuate, avoid entering flooded areas or standing water by car or foot. Don’t risk your life. Also, be advised that flood water is highly contaminated black water.

Bear in mind these aspects at all times. After flooding, restoration experts are there for you to clean up the flood and storm damage. 

Protecting Your Commercial Building After a Fire

3/29/2022 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door If a fire breaks out in your building, first thing is to get everyone out.

In Pelican Bay, FL, your business is your lifeline, so it is understandable that following a fire, your desire is to protect it from further destruction. Fire damage can also mean it is a safety hazard, so in the first place, you don’t want anyone getting inside and becoming hurt or looting your building – a common problem following damage to a business. Fire cleanup needs to wait until your insurance company is alerted, but there are some things that need to be done right away.

What To Do Immediately After the Fire

The first things you should do if a fire breaks out are to get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible and to call 911 to send firefighters. No attempts should be made to re-enter the building once the fire is out. Even though you may be tempted to go look around, you should notify your insurance company and call for local fire restoration professionals to come and board up and secure the building against the weather and looters. There are several methods that can be used to close openings.

The roof can be tarped to prevent wet weather from entering
Sheets of plywood may be fastened over doors and windows
Lay wooden studs in the tracks of windows and doors to prevent them from opening
Remove valuables to a secure location for storage

Fire damage can make your building more vulnerable to looting and weather damage as openings may be created by segments of the structure falling during a blaze, a firefighters battering ram through a wall or door to get water inside or even exploding chemicals. All of these openings are a potential threat to security and an invitation to a looter. Boarding up is critical to help maintain a secure building.
If you are dealing with fire damage in Pelican Bay, FL, get the help you need to walk you through the process and stay by your side until the restoration is complete. Fire cleanup and rehabilitation of your commercial building can help make things as good as new.

How Safe Is It to Handle Each Type of Contaminated Water?

3/15/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed against cabinets of sink It is important to quickly dry out your property after a water leak.

Types of Contaminated Water

Contaminated water can take many different forms. Some homes in Naples Park, FL will experience a flood of predominantly clean other while other abodes have to contend with black water. No matter what type of water came out of the supply line, you need to take quick action to have professionals remedy the situation right away.

1. Clean Water

While Category 1 water is called “clean” professionally, it may still contain substances that make it unsafe to drink. This type of water generally comes from a sink or tub. It may even pick up contaminants from the ground. For instance, tub water that overflows may pick up particles from the flooring outside of the tub. While you should avoid getting any Category 1 water in your mouth, it should not cause any ill side effects by simply pooling there.

2. Grey Water

Grey water, also known as Category 2 water, often comes from washing machines, dishwashers and sump pumps. It will contain physical, biological or chemical contaminants, but it will not consist of any fecal matter. Bacteria will likely be in it, so it can result in health complications if someone touches it. Sometimes even simply being exposed to this kind of contaminated water can result in health problems.

3. Black Water

Black water is the most dangerous type of water to be exposed to. Houses fill with this when water backs up from the septic tank, meaning there will often be fecal matter within the water. It can be extremely dangerous to be exposed to Category 3 water for an extended period of time.

No matter which category of water you have in your home in Naples Park, FL, you need to get it removed immediately. Standing water, regardless of the type of contaminants within it, can result in mold development. The contaminated water, as well as walls and other items exposed to the moisture, will need to be removed posthaste.

3 Common Commercial Irrigation System Problems

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

Broken head of an irrigation system When the head of an irrigation system is obstructed it might be due to the head being clogged.

Commercial Irrigation System Problems

Is your building in East Naples, FL, experiencing irrigation problems? There are usually only a few common troubles that affect a standard irrigation system, and the fixes are usually simple ones.

1. Clogged or Obstructed Heads

The most common and simplest issue is a clogged head. The cause is any number of things: foot traffic, lawn care equipment and workers, pets or wild animals, or simply just weather and erosion. To start, check all of your system's heads to see if any are clogged with dirt or crooked. Gently clean any dirt or other debris such as leaves away from the heads. If any are crooked, gently straighten them. This fix helps to clear up any uneven pressure or individual heads that weren't working.

2. Excess or Inadequate Flow

Whether it's too much or not enough water, both aren't good for the health of your lawn. Before doing anything, check your irrigation system controller and be sure that it has been properly adjusted. It might be helpful to check your owner's manual or call the installer if you aren't sure how to operate your system. Next, determine if the flow is uneven across the lawn or if it's concentrated into one area. From this, you can tell if it's a valve issue or a head issue.

3. Leaking Valves or Pipes

As the seasons change, your system needs a lot of maintenance. Along with adjusting your flow from the controller box, you should also be checking for any leaking valves or pipes. If you have already found a leaky pipe or if you've had a sudden burst, it's best to call in a water damage cleanup and restoration specialist. These experts are equipped with special tech to make cleanup a cinch.
Troubleshooting an irrigation system is simple once you know the common problems and have the reassurance of a professional in case things go wrong.

What Is the Best Kind of Fire Extinguisher for Your Home?

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher on the gray wall Being prepared to stop a fire before it spreads can be the difference between a great fire restoration job and a quick cleanup.

What Type Of Fire Extinguisher Is Best For Your Home?

The chance of a fire occurring in your home in North Naples, FL, is higher than you’d think. Being prepared to stop a fire in its tracks before it has chance the spread can be the difference between a big fire restoration job and a quick cleanup. One great tool in combatting fires is a fire extinguisher. Use this guide to help determine which extinguisher is best for your home.

Extinguisher Classification

The first step in choosing the best extinguisher to prevent a home fire is understanding how they are classified. Extinguishers used in homes are labeled depending on what types of fires they are effective at fighting. Here are the most common ones you’ll see:

  • Class A: used in fires caused by wood, paper, plastic, and textiles
  • Class B: put out flammable liquid fires
  • Class C: Used if a fire that is caused by a live electrical source
  • Class A-B-C: Can be used on any of the fires that a Class A, B, or C extinguisher can put out

UL Rating System

Apart from an alphabetical classification system, each fire extinguisher has a numerical rating on the label. For this rating system, the higher the number the more effective the extinguisher. An A rating reveals how many gallons of water it is equivalent to, and the B rating reveals how many square feet the extinguisher can cover.

Disposable or Rechargeable

Extinguishers come in either disposable or rechargeable models. While disposable models are cheaper initially, rechargeable extinguishers are cheaper in the long run.

Sizing Options

There are four main options when choosing what size fire extinguisher you need:

  • Two Pound: For the car
  • Five Pound: For the laundry room
  • Ten Pound: For the garage
  • Stove-Top: For the kitchen

Practice fire preparedness in your home by getting a fire extinguisher! Pay attention to the label before you buy it, consider your budget, and choose the size that’s ideal for the location you’re putting it in.

4 Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Roofer installing Roofing felt with heating and melting roll of bitumen roll by torch on flame If repairs are needed, a commercial storm damage professional can provide the expertise needed for a cost-effective solution.

4 Roof Maintenance Tips For Businesses

As one of the most valuable and necessary components of your business’s infrastructure, your commercial roof requires regular maintenance. Damage can appear in the form of a roof leak, wind damage or heat damage, and doing as much as you can to prevent and correct this is imperative to saving money and resources down the line. Here are a few tips for inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof in East Naples, FL.

1. Perform regular inspections with a qualified

professional. Schedule regular inspections every six months with a qualified inspector. Additionally, schedule inspections after storms to assess for any wind damage that could make your building more susceptible to a roof leak. In the event of a hail storm with ¾ inch or greater sized hail, schedule an inspection with your insurer to ensure damage did not occur. If repairs are needed, a commercial storm damage professional can provide the expertise needed for a cost-effective solution.

2. Seal vents and skylights.

Check to make sure all vents are sealed to prevent debris and leaks. Regularly take a special look around any skylights and other roof features to make sure all edges are sealed and equipment remains properly secured.

3. Keep records of previous damage.

Because repairs to previous damage can create weak spots in the roof, keep a record of any previous storm damage or repairs made. Keep a closer eye on these areas during inspections or after any severe weather events.

4. Trim trees and keep gutters clear.

To prevent trees from scratching at the roof or creating wind damage, trim branches to create a safe clearance. Also, regularly check gutters to make sure they have not become clogged with twigs or leaves.

Performing regular maintenance and inspections is an essential part of ensuring your commercial roof’s longevity. Following these tips can help you, as a business owner, minimize the risk of a roof leak or other potential damage.

Why SERVPRO’s Claims Inventory System Might Be an Insurance Agent’s Best Friend

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

A Truck from a restoration company SERVPRO can provide you with the tools you need to do the best for both your client and the agency.

Why SERVPRO's Claims Inventory System Could Be A Lifesaver For Insurance Agents

When a client suffers damage to their Naples Park, FL home, they will undoubtedly file an insurance claim. While working through the claim, you may end up accumulating quite a bit of related materials. In order to make the process easier for you, SERVPRO has a claims inventory system to help you keep track of any necessary information. These are a few things that they can provide for you.

1. Pictures of Damaged Items

During the restoration process, SERVPRO will take pictures of any damaged items which will make it easier for you when determining what the client has lost. They will provide you with an itemized loss inventory that includes photos of items and an Excel formatted report.

2. A Complete Job File

Along with the loss inventory, the Claims Information Center can give you an electronic job file with information you might need to complete the insurance claim. This will include loss photos, the first notice of loss as well as a detailed estimate of repair costs. They will also provide scanned copies of important paperwork and forms. It can be emailed to you or, if you prefer, you can receive a hard copy.

3. Online Access to Files

In order to make your work easier, as the insurance agent, you will have online access to all files related to the job. Having this information when you need it can help you complete the process more quickly. It can also help you to be sure you are making the best, most informed decision when it comes to your client’s claim.

When you are working on an insurance claim with your client, you want to have the most accurate data so you can make the right call for him or her. Using a damage restoration service that helps in this area can make it easier. SERVPRO can provide you with the tools you need to do the best for both your client and the agency.