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4 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Roof

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling tiles removed due to roof leak Ceiling storm damage in Vanderbilt Beach, FL.

Maintaining a Commercial Roof

A roof is something that can easily be overlooked, but your Vanderbilt Beach, FL, property relies on it to keep everything underneath it safe and dry. Once roof damage happens, it may mean more than needing a roof rebuild. Missing shingles, damaged membranes and other issues lead to issues that may require the services of a water damage and restoration professional. Although the unexpected can happen, the following four tips make it easier for your roof to weather the storms.

1. Preventive Maintenance
The top way to avoid roof damage is to stay on top of maintenance. Business owners should regularly check for any leaks, standing water and blocked drains. These often lead to other issues. Any signs of missing pieces indicate there may be hidden trouble lurking.

2. Regular Inspections
Along with visibly checking the roof, it should be professionally inspected annually. A professional will have the expertise to look for other issues, such as weak spots, sagging and structural issues. Scheduling this inspection may mean the difference between an inexpensive repair and a costly new roof.

3. Keep It Clean
Especially after a storm, it is important to check for wind damage and ensure the roof is clean of leaves and branches. Along with potentially clogging a drain, debris piling up invites the growth of algae. If that happens, it can start to deteriorate the roof faster. It may also lead to mold growth.

4. Inspect Roof Equipment
Most commercial properties have some time of equipment on the roof. Whether an HVAC unit, ventilation or skylights, these items should be regularly checked to ensure they are functioning properly. If any damage is discovered, repairs should be immediately made to avoid a leak.
Although Mother Nature may eventually lead to some kind of roof damage, staying on top of maintenance and inspections increases the chances of the roof lasting longer.

Consider These 3 Tips When Dealing With a Canceled Flight

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Flight information on airport during a snow storm, vector A flight cancellation is an unexpected event.

Storm Tips

Severe thunderstorms can severely disrupt any planned air transportation. A canceled flight can delay your plans and make you uncertain over what to do next. You will need to prepare for potential incidents like these to ensure you can resume your schedule safely. The following storm tips can help you go through tough situations like these.

1. Stay Safe and Calm
A flight cancellation is an unexpected event that can be either a minor inconvenience or a major plan wrecker. No matter what, you will need to stay calm throughout it. You can make sound decisions with a clear head. Understand that the cancellation will protect multiple lives, including yours. If the event is taking place near your home in Vanderbilt Beach, FL, do not stress about property damage. A call to storm damage restoration can resolve any issues once you return safely.

2. Call the Airline Immediately
One of the first actions you should take after a canceled flight is calling the airline. While it seems tempting to get in line and rebook the flight in person, the airline's phone service is a faster, more convenient solution. This tactic also helps gate agents who may be overwhelmed with several travelers. Gather your previous flight's information, preferably with a specialized smartphone app, and call the company to reschedule easily and without the wait time.

3. Ask for Reimbursements
Depending on the situation, you might entitled to some reimbursements. Investigate the airline's policy. If your flight was bumped without your consent, you should receive some reimbursement. Meanwhile, a traditional delay or cancellation will have different reimbursements depending on the company's rules. Some will refund you for rescheduling, but if your delay is significantly long, they can help you get meals and a hotel stay.
While a canceled flight can seriously affect your agenda, remember that this is done to keep you and others safe. These tips can help you make the best out of an unfortunate situation and recover as soon as the storm clears.

3 Tips for Preventing a Cigarette Fire

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

An ashtray with old smoked cigarettes stands on a black table top view, day Be careful when you empty out your ashtray.

Steps To Prevent A Cigarette Fire

Did you know that, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, a cigarette fire is still in the top five leading causes of home fires? There are several ways to reduce the chance of this happening in your home. If you have suffered a home fire in Barefoot Beach, FL, already, it's best to contact a fire cleanup and restoration specialist.

1. Smoke Outdoors
The easiest way to prevent an ashtray fire is to smoke outdoors. Not only does this prevent smoke odor from soaking into your furniture and carpets, but it also ensures that a fire is much less likely. Ideally, if you're smoking outside, your surroundings are either concrete or gravel, not grass or brush. If a fire does start, it's easy to quickly stomp it out if the surroundings are fire-resistant. In the colder months, instead of moving back indoors, consider buying a small portable heater that plugs into a wall outlet or extension cord. This way, you stay warm and continue to keep your risk low.

2. Keep Flammable Objects Away
The main goal of fire prevention is to make sure that a fire has nothing to burn. Besides ensuring that you're not wearing extremely loose-fitting clothing, you should also not smoke near any rugs or other cloth. Additionally, when you extinguish your cigarette, be sure to do so either in an ashtray or thoroughly stop it out on the concrete. If you use an ashtray, be sure that it, too, is not around any flammable objects on the chance that your smoke wasn't put out all the way. This is one of the leading causes of a cigarette fire.

3. Ashtray Safety
In addition to ensuring that your ashtray is in an appropriate area, also be careful when you empty it. Check that it is cool and that all cigarettes are completely extinguished. Waste bin fires are extremely common, and you'd be surprised by how easily they start. There is a surprising amount of easily flammable or explosive materials in the trash: paper, leaves, batteries, and aerosol cans.
Be prepared. Take steps to prevent a cigarette fire.

What To Do After Your Basement Floods

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. A visible line is showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. A flooded basement can cause lots of damage to your home.

What To Do After Your Basement Floods

Even if you prepare for an impending rainstorm, water can still enter your Pelican Marsh, FL, home. The lower level of a house is particularly prone to flooding. If you do experience a basement flood, follow the below steps.

1. Avoid the Basement Until the Water Is Gone
Even a small amount of water can create an electrocution hazard. Ideally, you should keep everyone out of the basement until the water has been drained. You should also turn off any circuits within the basement. You can put some dry wood on the ground or stand on a ladder to access the circuits without getting wet.
If the water damage is minimal, you may be able to remove the water yourself with a vacuum. Plug the vacuum into an upstairs circuit, and keep all cords away from the fluid as you work. Be sure to wear rubber boots, as well.
A severe basement flood may cover the electrical outlets with water. This further increases the risk of electrocution. Ideally, these floods should only be handled by trained emergency restoration professionals. As long as you have proper insurance coverage, the cost of the cleanup should be relatively low.

2. Replace Equipment
The restoration experts may be able to salvage some parts of your basement, such as the carpet and drywall. However, you should discard and replace damaged mechanical and electrical equipment, including motors and appliances.

3. Prevent Future Floods
Once the cleanup is complete, you should take steps to limit future flooding. Consider installing a foundation drain or purchasing a backup sump pump. Sealing any cracks or flaws in the foundation can also prevent a basement flood.
A flooded basement can cause lots of damage to your treasured items. While you may be tempted to dry your belongings on your own, entering the lower level of your home after a flood can be dangerous. You should thus focus primarily on preventative measures and let the experts handle the repairs.

Why Do Restoration Workers Board Up a Building After a Fire in Naples?

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

Windows and doors of a building boarded Commercial building boarded after a fire in Naples, FL.

You may have walked by a burned-out building after a commercial fire in Naples, Florida, and wondered why all the windows were boarded up. It isn’t very aesthetically pleasing, but does it actually serve a purpose?

As it turns out, boarding up a recently burned property is a very important part of the fire damage restoration process. To understand the value of the board-up service, it’s helpful to get a clearer understanding of the fire restoration process as a whole. Here is a brief rundown of the fire damage restoration process as it relates to board up service:

Thorough Inspection

Before the boards and tarps go up, fire restoration professionals scan the affected area with state-of-the-art equipment that gives them accurate readings as to the levels of soot, smoke, and fire damage in the premises. This provides them with a solid grasp on which items and belongings are salvageable and which are too far gone. Many of the items, because they are salvageable, still have inherent value, and it’s important to protect them.

Boarding Up for Safety

Once the affected area has been assessed for the severity of damage and salvageability of items, restoration professionals will board up any destroyed windows and place tarps over destroyed ceilings. This serves multiple purposes.

Perhaps most important, this helps protect damaged items from further elemental damage, particularly from precipitation. Statistically speaking, looting is also a serious problem with burned-out commercial buildings as well. Looters may not have the equipment to tell them whether an item is salvageable or not, but it usually won’t stop them from stealing.

This also creates a secure environment for fire restoration professionals to work in, as the fire cleanup process is very involved and often difficult work. Once the area has been boarded for security and safety purposes, professionals will get to work on restoring items and structural areas to their pre-fire condition.


3 Advantages of Using SERVPRO's Document Restoration Service

2/19/2021 (Permalink)

documents damaged by water Wet documents can cause devastating and costly losses.

3 Advantages of Using SERVPRO's Document Restoration Service

One of the most devastating effects of a flood or other disaster in a commercial setting is damage to — or the loss of — valuable documents, such as client files, accounting ledgers, contracts, books, photographs, blueprints, documents with original signatures, and other important papers. SERVPRO is the industry leader in water damage remediation, including document restoration. Its acclaimed document drying process features several unique elements that stand out from the competition.

1. Specialized Restoration Facility
First, water-damaged documents are transported to a secure, specialized restoration facility where they are entered into an advanced digital inventory system. Each restoration facility is managed by specially trained technicians who have received HIPAA Master certification. These secure facilities are closely always monitored and have the capacity to accommodate even large commercial recovery needs.

2. Advanced Cleaning and Drying Techniques
At the document facility, a team of experienced restoration specialists evaluate the damage to documents and then utilize state-of-the-art document restoration methods to repair the damage. SERVPRO’s inventive vacuum free-drying technique, for example, is the same method that the U.S. Library of Congress uses to restore priceless historical documents and is the only document drying technique that has been approved by the General Services Administration and the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Technicians then employ an advanced gamma irradiation procedure to disinfect and deodorize documents.

3. Digital Archiving Service
One highly valuable but sometimes overlooked benefit of the restoration process is the digital archiving process. At the drying facility, each water-damaged document becomes a part of a computerized document inventory. The restored documents are also scanned into this inventory. The result is that all paper documents that enter the facility are converted into a high-quality digital format. These digital versions can then be uploaded and stored, safe from any future physical damage.
Wet documents can cause devastating and costly losses. Fortunately, SERVPRO’s document restoration professionals are always ready if disaster strikes Pine Ridge, FL.

Save Money and Natural Resources by Maintaining Irrigation Systems

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Automated sprinkler system at outdoor building When was your irrigation system installed?

Ways To Save Money And Natural Resources With Regular Irrigation Maintenance

When you decided to put in an irrigation system at your business in Pelican Bay, FL, you had hoped that it would save you some time on landscaping so that you could focus on other business matters. While an automatic sprinkler system is indeed efficient, it will not remain so without proper and regular maintenance. 

1. Adjust to the Seasons
Have you ever driven by someone's home or business and seen the irrigation system running in the middle of a rainstorm? Not only is this inefficient, but it also adds unnecessary cost to your bottom line and could cause flooding. Know the seasons in your area and adjust your irrigation schedule accordingly. Too much water isn't only bad for your landscaping, it can be bad for your business. If too much water collects along with your building, it could lead to flooding, in which case you should call a commercial restoration service for help.

2. Inspect Often
Your sprinkler system is intended to withstand some normal wear and tear but that doesn't make it indestructible. If a nozzle gets bumped out of place by a passing dog or by a landscaper trimming weeds, it might need to be repositioned to do its job correctly. Worst case, the nozzle or the line that connects to the nozzle has been damaged which can lead to sprinkler flooding. If you've adjusted your irrigation schedule for the season but your water usage bill seems high, check your system to see if it has sustained any damage.

3. Update Your System
When was your irrigation system installed? If you aren't sure or if you know that it has been a number of years, you may want to consider an upgrade. Upgrading your system can save you money and resources, as well as prevent flooding from damaged lines. Frequent irrigation maintenance helps you to know when it's time for an update.
Keeping a regular irrigation maintenance schedule will ensure that your system is working for you and not against you.

3 Steps To Take After a Fire

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

Windows of a building boarded up Board up your building

3 Steps To Take After a Fire

A fire can be devastating for any house. One of the first things you should do as a homeowner is to contact a fire restoration service in North Naples, FL to begin the remediation process. However, that is just the beginning. From calling your fire insurance provider to finding a good smoke cleaning service, you should carry out certain actions to get your house back to pristine condition soon.

1. Call Insurance Company

Your house should have a comprehensive insurance policy in place that covers fire damage. You can expect to receive phone calls from other agents offering you a great deal, but you should be wary of such calls. The only person you need to talk to is your insurance agent. It is also good to provide the fire restoration company you hire with your insurance information so that they can work directly with your provider.

2. Salvage Without Touching Anything Too Damaged

You want to leave things as they are for the most part or else your insurance provider may not cover as much. However, when it is safe to re-enter the building, you may be able to go inside and salvage equipment, photos and documents to prevent soot from damaging them. However, if something is clearly damaged, then let it be. Leave these items to professional restorers who may be able to salvage your property.

3. Board up the Building

Another way an insurance company can avoid paying out your fire insurance policy is if you fail to take certain actions to protect your building in North Naples, FL from additional damage. For example, if you do not board up the building and tarp certain areas, then your building may suffer from vandalism or theft. Your insurance company may pay for smoke cleaning but not those acts. It is also a good idea to shut off the main water valve and put up a safety fence to assist the fire restoration team.

What Causes Ceiling Tile Discoloration?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

wet ceiling tile with black mold growth If the ceiling is exposed to moisture, tile mold may be present.

Ceiling tile discoloration is very common, but it can leave you confused as to why it's happening. These are the most common causes of tile staining.


Staining on ceiling tiles can be caused by several things:

  • Water damage
  • Tile mold
  • UV light
  • Environmental factors

Water can cause brown discoloration on ceiling tiles. It can also cause them to sag and deteriorate over time. This water could be coming from a leaking pipe, a vent or skylight, a leaking roof, a leaking HVAC unit or an incorrectly installed HVAC unit. The damaged tiles should be removed, and the cause of the leakage should be addressed before replacing the tiles. A water damage repair service in Naples Park, FL, can locate and repair the source of the problem and any structural damage.
If the water may have come into contact with any electrical wiring, you should avoid touching the water and any parts of the electrical circuit. The repair service will likely turn off the power in the area before they begin working.

If the ceiling is exposed to moisture, tile mold may be present. Visible indicators of mold include small, dark spots on the tile, usually accompanied by water spots. You may also be able to smell mildew. A professional should remove the contaminated tiles and apply a disinfectant to the area to kill mold spores and prevent further growth. They should also determine where the moisture came from and address the problem as well as repairing any structural damage.

UV Light
With continued exposure, UV light can cause tile discoloration. This is common in medical practices that use UV light for cleaning purposes, tanning salons or any business that uses UV light to cure adhesives. These tiles should be replaced periodically when discoloration becomes noticeable.
Water damage, tile mold, UV light and environmental factors may cause your ceiling tiles to experience discoloration. Damaged tiles can be replaced and repair services in Naples Park, FL, can address the underlying problem.

5 Ways To Prevent Water Damage Before Leaving for Vacation

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Insulation covers with the words COVER UP THE PIPES Cover your pipes

5 Ways To Prevent Water Damage Before Leaving for Vacation

Your home is most likely left empty during every family vacation. When issues normally arise, immediate action can be taken to prevent the need for a water pipe repair. Absence deprives you of this opportunity. Here are five ways to increase assurance that your home remains free of water damage while you sun yourself in the tropics.

1. Check for Leaks
Before taking off for destinations unknown, inspect your residence. See if your water heater is displaying cracks or rust. Confirm that a newly broken pipe is not lurking under your sink. Immediate repairs must be made before any escape.

2. Clear Gutters
Drains filled with debris have the potential to back up and create a flooded mess. Grab a ladder and investigate downspouts for blockages ahead of your grand voyage.

3. Install Insulation
Covering pipes aids significantly in lowering the possibility of breakages that require extensive water pipe repair. Keep your pipes in East Naples, FL, from freezing by wrapping them with rubber or fiberglass sleeves, obtainable at your local hardware store. Leaving your heat on low also contributes to preventing them from getting too cold.

4. Investigate Sump Pumps
Verify that your system is operating properly by running it as usual. Listen for unusual sounds and confirm that water is flowing properly. You can also install a battery-powered backup in case your electrical grid ever goes down.

5. Enlist a Neighbor
Have a friend you trust walk through your home every day you are gone. Politely request that they get in touch promptly if anything appears wrong. Post the number of a residential water repair specialist on your fridge ahead of time, so there is no question whom to contact in case a pipe does break.
Water pipe repair is a costly and inconvenient scenario that no one desires. The odds of disaster transpiring increase every time you leave for any stretch of time. Take precautions so that the memory of a fantastic trip is less likely to be dampened by a pipe emergency.