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5 Ways To Prevent Water Damage Before Leaving for Vacation

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Insulation covers with the words COVER UP THE PIPES Cover your pipes

5 Ways To Prevent Water Damage Before Leaving for Vacation

Your home is most likely left empty during every family vacation. When issues normally arise, immediate action can be taken to prevent the need for a water pipe repair. Absence deprives you of this opportunity. Here are five ways to increase assurance that your home remains free of water damage while you sun yourself in the tropics.

1. Check for Leaks
Before taking off for destinations unknown, inspect your residence. See if your water heater is displaying cracks or rust. Confirm that a newly broken pipe is not lurking under your sink. Immediate repairs must be made before any escape.

2. Clear Gutters
Drains filled with debris have the potential to back up and create a flooded mess. Grab a ladder and investigate downspouts for blockages ahead of your grand voyage.

3. Install Insulation
Covering pipes aids significantly in lowering the possibility of breakages that require extensive water pipe repair. Keep your pipes in East Naples, FL, from freezing by wrapping them with rubber or fiberglass sleeves, obtainable at your local hardware store. Leaving your heat on low also contributes to preventing them from getting too cold.

4. Investigate Sump Pumps
Verify that your system is operating properly by running it as usual. Listen for unusual sounds and confirm that water is flowing properly. You can also install a battery-powered backup in case your electrical grid ever goes down.

5. Enlist a Neighbor
Have a friend you trust walk through your home every day you are gone. Politely request that they get in touch promptly if anything appears wrong. Post the number of a residential water repair specialist on your fridge ahead of time, so there is no question whom to contact in case a pipe does break.
Water pipe repair is a costly and inconvenient scenario that no one desires. The odds of disaster transpiring increase every time you leave for any stretch of time. Take precautions so that the memory of a fantastic trip is less likely to be dampened by a pipe emergency.

5 Reasons You Need a Security Fence

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Private property in the forest angle shot There are many reasons to install a security fence

Here Are The Tops Reasons You Need A Fence Around Your Business

If you are a business owner, there are many reasons you should install a security fence. For instance, it can give you an added layer of protection against vandalism. This is especially true if your business had seen a disaster and is vacant while waiting for repairs. If your building is currently being used, you can use a fence to deter burglars. There are many other reasons to install one. 

1. Privacy
Privacy can be hard to find in Naples Park, FL. A fence can offer you a little peace of mind when you are working. Just be sure to place it in an appealing location, so it adds to your property's value if you decide to sell your site.

2. Security
A security fence is primarily there to protect your business. If you are located in a high crime area, this is especially important. You can also add some anti-climb features to make your fence extra daunting to criminals.

3. Marking Property Lines
Commercial land is a hot commodity. If you have a large tract of land, you will want to put up a fence to keep surrounding companies from encroaching. In this case, it can serve as a marker for your property lines. This will help you avoid disputes with neighboring businesses.

4. Safety
If your business involves a lot of kids or dogs, a fence can keep them safe. After all, you wouldn't want them to wander off and get hit by a car.

5. Decoration
The fence you choose can also act as a decoration. This will boost the curbside appeal of your business. It will also improve your property's value. In other words, if you decide to sell that site, you can get more money.
There are many reasons to install a security fence. Whether you have a vacant building waiting for restoration professionals or a bustling business, a fence can give you privacy, safety, and peace of mind. Getting the right one can even add to your property's value.

6 Places You Can Get Assistance After a Disaster

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

FEMA US Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services Flyer Closeup FEMA offers government assistance

6 Places You Can Get Assistance After a Disaster

If your home and personal belongings are damaged by a disaster and aren't covered by your insurance policy, many organizations can help. Many organizations offer assistance for any recovery task from FEMA to the SBA, including temporary housing and hiring remediation professionals.

1. The Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA is one of the best-known relief organizations in the United States. If you have experienced a flood, storm, or another disaster, this organization can offer several relief options.

2. The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program
Like FEMA, DAIP offers government assistance. It is slightly different because it can help people meet their unique needs instead of lumping them into different relief categories. For instance, it can offer you money for buying food, temporary housing, and restoring your home. It can also help you find funds to cover lost wages, medical expenses, and legal fees.

3. The Internal Revenue Service
The IRS offers tax relief to people impacted by qualifying disasters. For instance, they could allow you to deduct disaster-related expenses or have an extension on your filing period. Talk to a representative or your accountant to see what specific relief you could qualify for.

4. The Department of Labor
The DOL offers unemployment benefits to anyone who has had their employment or business interrupted due to a disaster. This is extremely helpful if you own your own business, worked as a contracted employee, or lost your job.

5. The Small Business Administration
The SBA has helped many people in Pelican Bay, FL, start and grow their small businesses. To add to its support of small business owners, the SBA offers low-interest and long-term loans for people who have been impacted by a disaster.

6. The American Red Cross
The Red Cross offers a long list of assistance after a disaster. They can contact your loved ones for you, evaluate your home's structural integrity, provide counseling, and offer financial assistance.
If you have suffered from flooding or another type of disaster, you know how difficult the situation can be. Use this list to find assistance to help you get through this time.

What Is The Water Mitigation Process?

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in a row Water mitigation services

Water Mitigation Procedures

If your commercial building in Vanderbilt Beach, FL, has had any kind of plumbing issue, such as supply line leaking or bursting pipe, your first step should be to mitigate any water immediately to avoid lasting water damage. To start a pipe burst cleanup, you should stop the main source of water flow if it's safe to do so. Depending on the extent of damage, you should call in a water damage restoration company to help you with the water mitigation process.
Knowing the water mitigation procedures will help you in the restoration process.

Initial Inspection
The first thing a restoration company will do is perform an initial inspection. In their inspection, they will identify the source of the water damage and inspect any damages done. There are many common problems that can cause water damage, such as:

  • A bursting pipe
  • Toilet overflow
  • Supply line leakage

After the area is inspected and the issue is fixed, they may begin the pipe burst cleanup process.

Extracting Standing Water
Extracting any standing water is imperative to the water cleanup process as it will help to avoid any long-term damages. Many water damage specialists will come equipped with special tools to help speed this process along, such as a wet vac or a submersible pipe.

Drying Out the Building
After any standing water has been extracted, you can begin to dry out the area. Many water restoration companies use commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers to speed up this process.

Cleaning and Restoration
You can now begin to figure out which items must be replaced and which can be salvaged. Any carpets or rugs should be professionally dry cleaned. Disinfecting and deodorizing the area will remove any unpleasant odors. Final restoration steps include replacing any building materials, such as drywall, that has been damaged and repainting any damaged walls.
The pipe burst cleanup process can be difficult, but it's important to minimize damages by taking the correct mitigation steps.

5 Tips for Your Home Fire Escape Plan

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Making a fire escape plan now can save lives later

Here Are Five Things To Consider In Your Plan

When did you last think about a fire escape plan for your home in Naples Lakes, FL? In the rush of moving to a new home or keeping up with your kids' schedules, this may be the last thing on your mind. However, it's important for every home to have a plan in the case of an emergency.

1. Escape Routes for All
Each member of your household needs to have their own escape plan. Consider any barriers that may keep you from accessing your escape route. Do any of your windows or doors have bars? Are there any barricades or locks? What will you do if you need to escape from a higher-story window? Ensure that each person can complete their exit strategy independently.

2. Fire Safety Review
Talk to your family about how to safely crawl beneath smoke, how to check doors for danger before going through them, and what to do if they are trapped inside. You can also discuss the importance of getting out quickly and remind everyone, especially small children, that firefighters are there to help.

3. Family Meeting Spot
Where will your family meet to ensure that everyone is out safely? Identify this spot by actually going there. Emphasize the importance of staying at that spot until help arrives.

4. Exit Strategy Practice
While many people have a fire escape plan, fewer have practiced them. Practicing may seem silly, but you may make important discoveries during a run-through that you wouldn't want to make during a fire, such as finding a window that jams.

5. After Fire Preparation
The final part of your emergency escape plan should include what you will do after a fire. Where will you stay? Which fire mitigation professional will you call to restore your home? Thinking about these things now will lessen the burden during a crisis.
Making a fire escape plan now can save lives later, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you're helping to keep your family safe.

Finding Mold in Your Air Conditioner Ducts

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Dust out from Air Duct Mold growth in air duct system

Know The Signs Of Mold

Most offices, stores and other businesses clean their carpets, bathrooms and have regular pest control. One important task that gets missed is HVAC cleaning. Since it only has to be done twice per year, it is an easy task to forget. Unfortunately, forgetting can cause mold to build inside your ducts, which reduces your HVAC system's efficiency. Since you cannot see inside your ductwork, you should know the signs of mold.

Look for Moisture
If you have moisture, chances are you have mold. You will need to look for moisture in/on your:

  • Air ducts
  • Indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit
  • Vent covers
  • Drainage pipe

Moisture can include standing water or sweating on the surface of your unit.

Look Inside Your Vents
Although you cannot look inside your ductwork, you can look inside your vents. Start by cleaning vents and opening them as wide as possible. If you want, you can remove the vent covers entirely. Then look inside. Look for white, grey or black spots inside the vent. If you see any of these, you need an HVAC cleaning due to mold buildup.

Follow Unusual Smells
When you turn your HVAC unit on for the first time in the spring or fall, it is normal to smell burning dust. It is not normal to smell anything earthy. Mold smells similar to rotting wood or leaves. If you have an unusual smell, track down where it is coming from, and you should find the problem.

Call In the Professionals
If you are unsure whether you have mold or not, it is time to call in the professionals in your North Naples, FL. Not only can they help you find out if you have an HVAC mold problem, they can also take care of it for you.
A good HVAC cleaning is beneficial, particularly if you suspect that you have a mold problem. It also helps your system run more efficiently and prevents future issues.

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Flood insurance form on a table with a book. Flood insurance is required for businesses in high-risk areas

Read On To Learn More About Flood Insurance

The recent spike in hurricanes had made business owners aware of the dangers of flooding. However, it doesn't take a hurricane to flood your home. Many natural disasters can cause flooding. When this happens, you have to pay storm restoration professionals to fix the damage. This makes many business owners wonder if they need commercial insurance that covers flooding. The answer to this is yes. While it may not reduce your risk for flooding, having this insurance can prevent a financial crisis.

What to Know?
In recent years the number of businesses with commercial insurance policies that cover flooding has declined. In fact, flood insurance has become rare. This is shocking, especially since no one is safe from flooding. Here are some facts about flooding you should know:

  • One inch of standing water can cause thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Flash floods can raise water to twenty feet.
  • Six inches of moving water can carry away an adult.
  • Water moving at 10 mph can do more damage than hurricane-force winds.
  • Flooding can occur outside of flood plains.
  • If your business floods, you could wind up with damage costing more than your building's value.
  • Flood insurance is required for businesses in high-risk areas.

Are You at Risk for a Flood?
Many people mistake low-risk areas as meaning flood-proof. But flood maps are fluid, and the zone can change for Pelican Bay, FL. Meaning, your low-risk zone could become a high-risk area. Fortunately, it is easy to find out what your current zone is. All you have to do is look at the FEMA flood maps, which are updated annually. These are the same maps commercial insurance companies look at when determining the costs for policies that cover flood damage.
As many people have seen, you don't have to be in a flood zone to face flooding. Fortunately, having a flood policy in place can give your business the boost it needs to survive a disaster.

How to Flush Your Water Heater

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler Your water heater flush is now complete

How to Flush Your Water Heater

Much like any other appliance in your Pine Ridge, FL, home, your water heater requires routine maintenance in order to continue functioning properly. Performing regular maintenance, such as a simple flush, can help keep your appliance running smoothly for years to come. The good news is that this process is quite simple to execute, even if you lack prior plumbing experience.

1. Turn Off the Machine.
This process varies depending on which type of model your home is equipped with. For gas models, simply cut the gas and extinguish the pilot light. Electric models can be switched off via your home's circuit box.

2. Empty and Flush the Tank.
Open your device's drain valve and allow the water to flow freely for several minutes until the tank is completely drained. You can switch on the faucet in your kitchen sink to help the water drain more smoothly and efficiently. Wait a few minutes before turning off the supply valve. Switch the supply valve back on once the water flow ceases entirely. Flush the water heater quickly before cutting the supply once again.

3. Refill the Water Tank.
Once you feel satisfied that all of the water and debris left in the tank has been drained, you may close the valve. Switch the water supply back on and closely watch the flowing faucet in your kitchen sink. The stream will start flowing smoothly again once the water tank is completely full.

4. Reactivate the Power.
After the tank has been refilled, you can switch the power by on. Do so by repeating step one in reverse order. Double-check to make sure the water tank has been filled completely before restoring the power. Doing so with a half-full tank can damage your appliance. Your water heater flush is now complete.
Performing a successful flush on your water heater is a simple way to help maintain a crucial appliance in your home. Make sure to contact water remediation experts for assistance if you encounter any problems during your flush.

3 Characteristics of a High-Grade Air Purifier3

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Air filter for HVAC system - filtration concept HEPA filters are the most efficient for reducing the number of air particles in your home

Characteristics of a High-Grade Air Purifier

Mold spores are microscopic particles in the air that attach themselves to hosts for survival and develop into mold colonies. Homeowners in Pelican Marsh, FL, know of the damages these spores can cause. Given the opportunity, mold will feed on a host subjecting it to decay. Improving the air quality in your home with an air filtration system lessens the chance that mold spores will grow into colonies. A high-grade air purifier will contain three characteristics: a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, a carbon filter and a UV light.

1. HEPA Filters
Renowned for its ability to filter out organisms as small as 0.3 microns, HEPA filters are the most efficient for reducing the number of air particles in your home. It is recommended that a HEPA purifier include a pre-filter. This extends the life of the HEPA filter by taking the larger particles out of the air before they reach the HEPA filter. Larger particles include those sized 1-11 microns, such as:

  • Dust particles
  • Dust mites
  • Mold
  • Pet dander

2. Activated Carbon Filter
If you are in need of an air filtration system that removes odor while ensuring good air quality, an activated carbon filter may be ideal. The crevices in carbon do not allow odors to slip through easily, making it excellent at trapping unwanted odors from mold. It may be used as a pre-filter for HEPA filters, though, it will reduce the airflow of the purifier.

3. UV Light Purifier
Ultraviolet light is not a filter so it should be paired with a HEPA or carbon filter. Its use in filtration systems ensures that living air particles, such as bacteria, are unable to reproduce. UV lights also sterilize the places in air purifiers where there may be moisture to prevent the production of mold.
If you have found mold damage in your home a mold cleaning service will help in its removal. Investing in a good air filtration system including a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and a UV light will prevent it from developing rapidly, protecting your home from further damages.

Smoke Removal After a Fire

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Automatic ceiling Fire Sprinkler in red water pipe System A fire sprinkler is an important safety component of any business

Smoke Removal After a Fire

If your South Naples, FL, business has a fire sprinkler, you may have peace of mind that you are ready for the unexpected. While they are designed to last and work like a charm, that only happens if they are properly maintained. If regular inspections and testing aren’t complete, they may accidentally go off, which may require a water damage and restoration professional for the fire sprinkler cleanup. Even worse, they may not go off when they need to, which no business wants to happen.

Inspection Schedule
A fire suppression system needs regular visual inspections. The following schedule is recommended:

  • Dry, pre-action and deluge sprinklers should be check weekly while wet pipe ones can be done monthly.
  • Regardless of type, inspect flow alarm, valve supervisory alarm and supervisory signal devices every three months. Include a check of the control valves and hydraulic nameplates.
  • Check bracing, pipes, fitting, signage and spare sprinklers every year.
  • An internal inspection is recommended every five years.

Testing Schedule
Along with inspections, a fire sprinkler system should be regularly tested. These are in-depth checks to ensure all components are in working order.

The mechanical elements should be tested every three months.
Van and pressure switch devices should be thoroughly checked every six months.
More comprehensive testing should be completed annually. It is best to have a certified professional help. The process involves checking every facet of the system, including water flow, antifreeze concentration, alarms and trip tests.

If you have dry sprinklers, testing or replacement is recommended after 10 years. Fast response systems need a full test every 20 years while standard response sprinklers need it after 50 years in use. Both should have 10-years tests completed after that.
A fire sprinkler is an important safety component of any business. Be sure to stay on track with inspections and testing to ensure they work when they need to.