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Avoid These Four Common Causes of House Fires

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avoid These Four Common Causes of House Fires Candles might look and smell nice, but they can lead to a fire if not used correctly

Four Common Causes of House Fires

Experiencing a home fire is the last thing any homeowner wants to experience, but the presence of so many fire hazards in most houses leaves little room for error. While some fire causes might seem unavoidable, many of the homes addressed by a fire cleaning and restoration company are affected by preventable reasons. It is essential you are proactive and intentional in preventing a fire from starting in your home in Barefoot Beach, FL. A great place to start is by avoiding these four common causes house fires.

1. Cooking Fires

Whether caused by leaving cooking unattended, cooking while fatigued, or broken appliances, the kitchen is a common place for fires to start. Cooking with lots of oil can also lead to problematic grease fires that can be difficult to put out. It is important to always read the instructions when heating food and to keep flammable objects far away from the stove or oven when turned on.

2. Smoking Indoors

Lighting a cigarette indoors, especially in a bedroom, is a quick way to cause a home fire. Many belongings and furniture are flammable, which can be dangerous if butts aren't put out correctly or not placed in an ashtray.

3. Heating Appliances

Both portable heaters and home furnaces are major fire causes that can be prevented with proper use and maintenance. Heaters should never be placed in close proximity to flammable objects or used around pets and children. Make sure to get your furnace inspected yearly and quickly address any issues.

4. Candles

Candles might look and smell nice, but they can lead to a fire if not used correctly. Keep candles away from cats and young children, never leave lit candles unattended, and keep candles far away from curtains, carpet, and other flammable materials.
Being vigilant in removing potential fire hazards from your home and always being aware of your surroundings is the first step in keeping your house and family safe from a home fire. Start with these four common house fire causes.

5 Safety Tips for Flood Cleanup

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 5 Safety Tips for Flood Cleanup Cleaning up a Pelican Marsh, FL home after storm damage

5 Safety Tips for Flood Cleanup

After a storm in Pelican Marsh, FL, flood safety in your home can be an important issue. Here are five safety tips many experts recommend that you follow when performing a flood clean-up.

1. Turn Off Electricity to Flooded Areas

If an area of your home is flooded, it's important to turn off any electricity to that space. Doing so can help prevent any electrical hazards from being a problem until they can be inspected and repaired.

2. Wear Protective Gear

When conducting a cleanup, it's always important to wear proper safety and protective gear. This may include coveralls, proper footwear, masks, gloves, shoe covers, and eye protection.

3. Remove Contaminated Items

As you go through the cleanup process, you may want to move contaminated items away from the area until they can be restored. Any clean items should be kept away from contaminated spaces until cleanup and repairs have been completed.

4. Avoid Further Contamination

Another thing you may want to consider are measures you can take to avoid further contamination of your home. This may include washing up between leaving the cleanup site and the rest of your residence, along with wearing protective foot coverings.

5. Contact a Professional

Flood safety concerns don't end when the water recedes. Even if you've only had minor flooding, it's a good idea to contact a professional restoration service to go over your home. These certified individuals already know the safety building code requirements necessary for a complete flood restoration

When cleaning up your home after a storm, it's important to follow flood safety recommendations. Remember to turn off the electricity to any flooded areas, wear protective gear when cleaning, and remove any contaminated items from your home. You may also want to quarantine the flooded area to avoid further contamination. When possible contact a professional restoration service to ensure that the process is performed as efficiently and safely as possible.

Take Care of Fire Mitigation and Restoration at the Same Time

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Take Care of Fire Mitigation and Restoration at the Same Time SERVPRO mitigation and restoration company

In Pine Ridge, FL, there is always the outside possibility of fire damage affecting any property. The important thing is to be prepared. While many people are familiar with water mitigation practices, many do not realize that fire mitigation is a real and useful precaution as well. Additionally, it may be helpful to use the same company for both mitigation and fire restoration.

There are Two Primary Benefits of This Strategy:

• Save time
• Reduce mistakes

It can feel like a devastating thing to have your business affected by fire, but choosing the right fire restoration and mitigation company can make it “Like it never even happened."

Saving Time and Effort

If your company is at risk of fire damage, you are going to have a lot on your mind. Besides protecting your business, you probably also have to consider the well-being of your employees and the impact a fire could have on their families as well as yours. Having a single company take care of both restoration and mitigation is a simple way to save time and effort, so you can focus on what really matters. They can come in and take care of preparations for the fire, and then you are less likely to need to worry about finding a restoration company afterwards.

As long as you are saving time by using the same company for both restoration and mitigation, you might as well choose a company that can work with your insurance adjuster to save even more time.

Reducing the Number of Mistakes

It is a simple fact that working with fewer companies results in fewer mistakes. Having to coordinate multiple partners is a handful, and it often results in the companies each assuming the other will take care of a particular task. With one company, they are responsible to take care of everything.

Make your life simpler when there's risk of fire damage. Use the same company for both mitigation and restoration.

What To Expect When Sewer Damage Occurs

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial What To Expect When Sewer Damage Occurs Commercial restoration cleanup in Pine Ridge, FL

Common Questions Asked About Sewer Backup

If your Pine Ridge, FL, company has suffered sewer damage then you may be wondering what to expect with the restoration process. Here is some information related to some of the most commonly asked questions about sewer backup.

1. Insurance Coverage Depends on Your Policy

If you're looking at damage from a flooded toilet you may be wondering if it's covered by your business insurance policy. The answer to this question depends entirely on what exactly is in your policy, and its wording. As a business owner it's your responsibility to know what your coverage contains, and to purchase additional coverage for anything you believe could be a specific issue. If you have any questions it's best to talk to your insurance agent.

2. A Professional Restoration Crew Should Handle Cleanup

Because water from sewer damage is categorized as black water, it's important to contact a professional water damage restoration service to conduct the cleanup and any repairs. Depending on the nature of the damage you may also want to contact the sewage company. This will allow for the appropriate sanitation and safety measures to be followed.

3. You May Need to Relocate Some Business Processes During Cleanup

Because sewer related water damage is considered to be contaminated you may want to consider the possibility of moving any business away from the affected area in order to avoid further contamination across the building. This may mean moving a few files down the hall, or in the event of a larger issue you may want to relocate to another building until your restoration professionals determine the area is safe to enter.
In the event your company property suffers sewer damage it's important to know what exactly is in your insurance policy so that you can determine what coverage you have. Because sewer water is considered to be black water it's important to have a professional crew handle the cleanup process so that all safety and sanitation steps can be followed. You may also want to consider moving operations away from the affected area to help avoid contamination in other parts of the building.

Finish Repairs Quickly and Avoid Rising Operating Costs

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Finish Repairs Quickly and Avoid Rising Operating Costs Water damage in a North Naples, FL facility.

As a responsible business owner in North Naples, FL, you are probably aware of the costs of business interruption due to flooding. In fact, you probably carry an insurance policy to cover your losses should you have to evacuate your place of operations.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail to realize the consequences of making claims against their insurance policies. This typically results in the following:

  • Higher premiums
  • Lower profit margins
  • The necessity to switch insurance companies

Minimize Losses

When faced with flooding, especially that causing large water damage to the extent that you have to leave your premises, minimizing your loss should be the first priority. This means more than simply saving valuable items, retrieving data and avoiding injuries. You should also focus on making sure your interruption is kept to the absolute minimum.

If you're paying for business interruption insurance, it might not make sense at first to worry about getting the repairs done quickly. For example, you might feel like it's reasonable to take your time waiting for a broken pipe system to be fixed— after all, the insurance company is covering you.

Understanding Your Priorities

For some, the sense of security provided by business interruption insurance may come from a lack of understanding of how the policy works. Unlike the disaster insurance that helps you fix the damage and get back to business, interruption insurance is designed to keep you in operation in a situation where you could lose your entire enterprise. As such, it should be used only when completely necessary.

Getting the Job Done Quickly

Your best bet is to hire a company that has the ability to execute your repairs quickly. Flooding may seem catastrophic when it happens, but damage caused by small floods could be repaired in a matter of days, depending on the circumstances. Communicate to your repair company that you would like to get back to business as soon as possible to avoid having to use your interruption insurance: An experienced contractor should understand and help if possible.

4 Tips for Quickly Addressing a Pipe Break

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage 4 Tips for Quickly Addressing a Pipe Break Bursting pipe in Pelican Bay, FL

Four Tips to Adress a Burst Pipe

Dealing with bursting pipes is the nightmare of any homeowner. Whether a pipe breaks due to cold temperature, corrosion, or water pressure issues, both major flooding and water damage can occur as a result. If you discover a broken pipe in your home in Pelican Bay, FL, there are several steps you can take to stop the rush of water into your home and prevent further damage from occurring. Here are four tips for addressing a burst pipe right away.

1. Shut Off the Water

The first step to take if a pipe bursts in your home is to locate the main water valve and turn off the water. This switch is normally located underneath the kitchen sink, but it can be located elsewhere depending on how your home was built. As a precaution, you should know the location of the main valve before an accident happens so you can quickly turn it off.

2. Locate and Examine the Broken Pipe

Before you can try to fix the broken pipe, you will need to figure out which pipe burst and where the location of the leak is. Once you locate the burst pipe, examine the damage so you can identify the best plan of action.

3. Call for Help

If significant water has entered your home due to bursting pipes, you will need the help of a water damage cleanup company to remove all water from your home and address any damage that has occurred. Act quickly and contact the experts right away.

4. Clean Up What You Can

While waiting for the cleanup company to arrive, dry any water you can to try and minimize the amount of damage that occurs. Grab towels, mops and whatever else you need to try and remove water from carpets and other surfaces.

While no one wants to deal with bursting pipes, you can prevent extensive damage from happening by following these steps. Acting quickly is essential in a burst pipe situation.

Mold Growth on Food: Why Does It Happen?

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Growth on Food: Why Does It Happen? Mold growth on food

Mold Growth on Food

Wherever there's moisture and a food source, you can probably find mold. Mold spores are everywhere. They're outside blowing in the breeze. They're on your pant legs. They're hiding in your pet's fur and they're lurking in your air ducts. What are they waiting for? They're waiting for just the right conditions to plant themselves and thrive. Though every mold is different, most types need just three things to flourish:

  • Moisture
  • Food
  • Optimal temperatures

These three simple ingredients kind of explain why bread mold is a thing. However, they don't paint the whole picture.

Why Does Fridge Mold and Food Fungus Occur?

As you can glean from the above list of ingredients for fungus growth, mold doesn't need much to develop. Food, in its inherent nature, is the ideal food source for mold, so when spores land on a food item, they just need to wait for the other two conditions to develop: moisture and optimal temperatures. Many food items create those conditions themselves. If the food doesn't, the packaging does.

The best example of a food item creating the perfect breeding grounds for mold is bread. Bread comes packaged in a plastic bag, which gets sealed after each use to keep in the moisture. It is then placed in a dark, cool cabinet. The spores are already on the bread, so it's only a matter of time before bread mold develops—about one week, to be precise.

Why Do Some Foods Not Develop Molds?

Most foods, even fresh ones, will develop fungus growth over time. You may wonder then why some foods do not develop mold, or why others take a considerable amount of time to become moldy. The answer is simple: preservatives. Some preservatives, such as vinegar and salt, inhibit the growth of bacteria. This may explain why certain food items, such as jelly and dried fruit, may not develop mold for months or even years after being exposed to the air.

Though you can eliminate bread mold by tossing the loaf, getting rid of house mold is not so easy. In the event that you discover house mold, contact a Naples Park, FL, mold remediation team for assistance.

How To Do a Home Fire Drill

5/13/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Do a Home Fire Drill Practice evacuation tactics in your East Naples, FL home

4 Steps You Can Take to Develop a Fire Escape Plan

Most public buildings have regular fire drills, but it is easy to overlook the need for similar drills at home in East Naples, FL. Here are four steps you can take to develop a fire escape plan for all occupants and teach kids safety measures to take in the event of a home fire.

1. Identify Escape Routes

Start preparing a plan by identifying two potential paths out of every room in a house and toward external doors. You can use an accurate floorplan, but it is also important for every occupant of a residence to attempt both the primary and secondary evacuation routes.

2. Practice Evacuation Tactics

In addition to practicing escape routes, a fire drill should also include safe fire escape tactics. These include bed rolls upon hearing a smoke alarm to minimize smoke exposure. Parents should also provide kids safety training on fire crawls, including crawling with flat forearms or flat legs. It is also important test doors for heat before touching knobs or risking a fire surge.

3. Gather Important Materials

Gather important materials including homeowners or other insurance documents and medical records for every resident, including pets. These materials can be kept in a fire-safe box in a designated location near an external door.

4. Select a Safe Meetup Location

Every occupant of a household should know where to go immediately after fleeing a fire. Drills should involve gathering at a location that is a safe distance away and unlikely to be downwind.

After taking these measures, every member of a household should be better prepared for a fire. Adults should teach kids safety skills. If a home fire damages your residence in East Naples, FL, you should arrange for a consultation with damage mitigation and restoration specialists. Certified experts can restore the condition of your home in a matter of days or weeks, depending on damage.

Will a Roof Leak Require Restoration?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Will a Roof Leak Require Restoration? Roof leak in a North Naples, FL building

Contacting a Mitigation and Restoration Company after a Roof Leak

Roof damage can result in leaks that affect building materials and contents. In addition to repairing or replacing a damaged roof, restoration may also be necessary. Here are several factors for a building owner or manager to consider when determining whether to contact a mitigation and restoration company after a roof leak at a building in North Naples, FL.

The Extent of Damage

If a roof has a major leak or multiple leaks due to missing shingles or other damage, water damage may be present. Professional mitigation and restoration can be helpful for any of the following types of damage:

  • Saturated drywall or insulation
  • Moisture behind walls
  • Secondary damage such as corrosion, rot or mold

Certified experts can recommend which materials should be torn out and replaced to reduce the risk of mold growth. Residual moisture can lead to more problems down the road if the underlying problem and any secondary issues are not quickly addressed.

The Duration of the Leak

If a leak has continued for weeks or months, other issues may be present. The longer that a roof leak continues to introduce water into a structure, the higher the risk of structural problems. A major mold infestation may also be present, as fungus will thrive when moisture and nutriment are available.

Secondary Damage Risks

As suggested above, secondary damage can cause problems that can be as serious as primary damage from a leak. Over time, exposure to moisture can degrade building materials and contents while increasing the risk of mold. Professionals will extract moisture, clean and disinfect the affected area and promote drying.

A mitigation and restoration service is helpful for limiting and restoring damage after a roof leak. In the event of extensive water damage, certified professionals can clean up primary damage and reduce the risk of mold and other secondary damage at a building in North Naples, FL.

Stopping Roof Leaks

4/27/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Stopping Roof Leaks The first step toward a leak-free roof happens before any storms are on the horizon.

Many homeowners are aware of the potential roof damage that can come from a hail storm. However, many residents of North Naples, FL don’t know how to respond afterward to prevent further flooding and structural issues from affecting the home.

1. Inspection and Preparation

The first step toward a leak-free roof happens before any storms are on the horizon. Many insurers will insist on regular roof inspections, especially if you have a more expensive policy or property. This sort of preventative maintenance keeps the roof in good shape in case a severe weather event does occur. Sometimes everyday wear and tear is the first sign that a roof will undergo water or wind damage later on.

2. Points of Interest

Most roofing inspections will involve a number of steps. The layering, position, and condition of the shingles is one of the most important initial markers of a potential roof damage. If any of the asphalt shingles are broken or missing, water will begin to flow toward and under the plastic barrier beneath, given enough time. Re-roofing is fairly inexpensive and can save money in the long run by preventing damage to plywood, insulation, and structural beams in your attic.

3. Hail

Of course, the concussive force of large hailstones can accelerate this aging process and necessitate immediate roof repairs. If you find yourself in the midst of a hailstorm, safety should be the first priority. Afterward, if you can safely get to any major roof holes or other visible damage, place a tarp or other moisture shield over it. Many insurers insist that homeowner mitigate any potential site of ongoing roof damage until an adjuster can arrive to assess the claim.

Remember, many roof damage and flood scenarios may require professional intervention from a qualified cleanup company. However, with adequate knowledge and preparation, you can face any inclement weather with confidence.